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I dare to say that everyone has thought about how they would be playing a musical instrument, imagining them singing and playing the songs they like best. For those of us who are starting in the world of ukulele, it is sometimes difficult for us to choose a song to play either because we like them, but they are difficult to play or we simply have so many in mind that we do not end up deciding on one.

The tag of the 20 days of ukulele consists of playing 20 songs of ukulele in 20 days and there is a list of what song we should play that day. For example, on day one - The first song you played in ukulele - We get down to work, take our ukulele, put on the camera, our best posture and play our first song on ukulele. The funny thing is that we have to upload the video to our favorite social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, YouTube, etc.) and put the hashtag # 20DíasDeUkulele so that others can see our video and tell us how well we are progressing.

At the same time that it implies a challenge is a beautiful guide to have a repertoire of 20 songs that we can play whenever we want. The list is as follows:

  1. The first song you learned in ukulele
  2. A song that reminds you of your childhood
  3. A song that reminds you of your first friend
  4. A song with chords that you are not used to using
  5. The intro of a series or cartoon
  6. An original song from a movie
  7. An instrumental
  8. A typical ukulele song
  9. A song from the 60's
  10. A song from the 70's
  11. A song from the 80's
  12. A song that is fashionable
  13. A Beatles song
  14. A song that means a lot to you
  15. A song that has helped you in a difficult time
  16. A song from a cartoon (It can't be the Intro)
  17. A song of your favorite genre
  18. A song of a musical
  19. A song from your favorite group
  20. A song that cost you a lot of work to get

As in Ukulelería we do not want to be left behind, we have decided to make this tag every Tuesday and Thursday in live broadcasts through Facebook (time to rehearse the song). You can watch the broadcast recorded on the page and comment on how well (or badly) we do it.

Have fun with the challenge and happy day!

Lalo Mendoza
Lalo Mendoza


I am passionate about art in general, food and sharing. Instagram: @Anxolotes @Lalo_Anxolote

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