Original gifts for dad - TOP 3 ukuleles to give away

by Mariana Valdez June 14, 2020

Original gifts for dad - TOP 3 ukuleles to give away

Aloha Friends!
Father's Day is coming, and you are surely looking for a gift that can make him happy.
I want to make this recommendation to you, which will be a super special gift for him and probably for the whole family in the afternoons they spend together learning and singing with their ukulele.

1. Ukulele Concert ELVIS Edition

This pack includes lessons for 3 of Elvis' most popular songs from his Hawaii era. Available in concert model.
It is a ukulele with tribute to Blue Hawaii who showed Elvis's love for Hawaiian music and the influence he played throughout his career.
Blue Hawaii opened as no. 2 movies at the box office and I spent 20 weeks like no. 1 album on the Billboard Pop charts.

its size and design will surely delight your dad.

2. Ukulele Concert Satin

Traditional design stands out with a satin finish, this ukulele is excellent for ukulelists of all ages and ability levels.
A classic and clean design makes it a very elegant uku.
its sound is not far behind, surely your dad will love it!

3. Kala Tenor Ukulele

This ukulele has an exotic look and is not only easy on the eyes with a deep sound.
a perfect ukulele if your dad already plays the guitar, its size, wide transfers and strings
they are very easy to play your favorite songs.

I hope these recommendations help you if you are looking for a special ukulele for this day, his birthday or just because you know that it is an instrument that will bring great moments to your dad.

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If you live in the city of Gdl or CDMX contact us to make an appointment and collect your ukulele the same as your purchase !.

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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