Most common strokes in Ukulele

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara octubre 08, 2019

Most common strokes in Ukulele

One of the main challenges that each and every one of us face when it comes to starting to play the ukulele are strumming.

How many of us did not break our heads trying to follow a rhythm that at first seemed absolutely impossible to achieve?

Well, here is a small, but very substantial guide, how to make the most common strokes in ukulele and not die trying.

One moment, first things first; If you are just starting this ukulele, it is important that you know how to properly place your hands to get a strong, powerful and beautiful strum.

  1. Point the index finger of your right hand (or left if it is surged), towards your chest.
  2. With the same position, point your finger towards the floor and then towards you rotating the wrist (It is important that the movement of your wrist is very relaxed, calm, very soft).
  3. Repeat the same movement (strumming) on ​​top of the four strings of the ukulele.
  4. Find a sound as "clean" as possible and then gradually increase the speed (calmly, remember that we are going step by step).

Ready! Now you know how to strum the strings of your Ukulele. Now let's move on to what really interests us in this blog: The different (and most common) types of strumming.

As in all instruments, strokes and rhythms in ukulele are as different and varied as your imagination and creativity allow, but it is true that there are strokes more common and versatile than others, and therefore it is important that you learn them from the drawer , because with them you can play almost any song, I promise.


We start with a very easy strum, it may be so easy that it even seems boring, but it is a good resource when we are learning and you would be surprised at how well it can be heard and how much it can save you when you do not find the correct strum .

It only scratches down 4 times. You can accelerate the rhythm and play with the times, it is a simple strum, but with flavor, it is worth getting creative!

We continue with one of the most common strumming, and in my opinion one of the most versatile that exist, because with it you can play songs of rock, pop, reggaeton, and a lot of other genres.

In this case, we tear: down, down, down up and down up. It is a combined strum that can be done at one or two times, but like the previous one, it is about you playing with the rhythm and blowing your imagination.

Next, one of my favorite strumming. It is a strum that is also one of the most common in ukulele, as its rhythm adapts to almost any song and is therefore used in many musical genres.

We tear: down, hit, up, up, hit, up. You can increase or decrease the speed to the rhythm of the song you want to play, remember that the genre greatly influences how the rhythm of the strumming will look, regardless of its level of complexity.

Last but not least, we ended up with this strumming pimp. I also like this one a lot because it is more “Hawaiian” style, with more flavor, more rhythm, more candle. As to touch it and once stop dancing.

In this we start like this: blow, down, up, up, down. It is usually done at a time, and its speed is faster, but remember: you decide how it sounds, once you play the first chord, the rhythm belongs.

Did you think it was all? Well, no! I bring you the pylon. I could not leave this blog without leaving them a very sad strum, of those that sometimes one needs when his heart hurts and wants to play a song. Of course it can be used for many rhythms and musical genres, but it is usually used more for quiet, sad, or romantic songs.

This is torn like this: Down, down. Up, up, down. Up, down, up. It is played at a time, slow and soft.

Now yes, it is time for them to run through their ukulele and start practicing each and every strum they saw here. Of course they missed a lot, but this was only a small taste of how much they can achieve with just five types of strumming. Remember that it is about you playing with them, mixing them, transforming them and making them yours.

Until next time!

  • Do you still have doubts? Write us!
Berenice González @bere_gonzalez09

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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