What happens if my ukulele does not arrive?

by Mariana Valdez 13 September, 2020

What happens if my ukulele does not arrive?

Aloha Ukulelista!

I know that you are about to buy a ukulele online, and as it happens to all of us, surely buying online gives us fear.

if you buy your ukulele in ukuleleria.com After all the help you receive from the team to choose it and purchase issues, let me tell you something.


once your ukulele leaves our warehouse, we send you your parcel tracking number FEDEX

You will have at all times the history of how your package moves and an estimated date of when your package will arrive with the ukulele.
But what if something is delayed or goes wrong in the period of 3 to 5 days approx?

It may be that your package is lost, stolen or has a delay IF IT CAN HAPPEN! Ukuleleria has long chosen and used this trustworthy package
and the cases with this history are low, but still we want to tell you what to do in case it happens.


Always have your order number, tracking number or with your order name at hand.
Where? You can call us in stores, write us WhatsApp or chat on networks.

if your ukulele is delayed:
It is possible that with a simple report, we can speed up your delivery and you will be playing ukulele in a couple of days, we are just going to give you patience.

If your package has no data:

It is possible that if you review this information the same day that your order leaves, it lacks data, so we will give 1 day to your shipment so you can see the information.

if nothing comes out in the following days WE ASK FOR HELP! that something may not go well, but do not worry, we have everything under control and we will solve it in less than 24 hours.
If your package is not found, in this same period we will prepare another one and have it arrive as soon as possible.

If your package has a STOLEN OR LOST alert:

Okay, someone will be happily playing ukulele elsewhere, it's the good one hehe.
Do not worry, you will also be happy, because ukuleleria will take charge of raising a report and trying to recover this package.
Meanwhile, same case as the previous one, with much love we will make a new package so that it leaves for your home as soon as possible !!! <3

So the final answer ...

if your ukulele does not arrive, WE WILL SEND YOU ANOTHER! and it comes because it comes. ;)
with love, ukuleleria <3

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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