What is a UBASS?

by Andrea Corona April 18

What is a UBASS?

The low size of a Ukulele How will it sound if it is real?

It is that little instrument capable of sounding like a monster, making us feel giant vibrations in the chest.

To give you the broadest explanation, This is an electroacoustic bass in the body of a Baritone-sized ukulele, mostly with rubber strings, which already makes it different from an electric bass.

A "normal" electric bass is about one meter long, its strings are metal and thick ...

The U-Bass produces the same tones as a standard bass and is tuned in traditional bass tuning (EADG). The U-Bass is the result of a collaboration between Kala Brand Music Co. and Owen Holt of Road Toad Music.

What advantages does a U-BASS give?

The U-Bass offers you the same as a standard bass, even an even deeper sound. Because of its size it is easy to transport and play since its frets are reduced compared to a normal bass. The best thing is your custom Shadow pickup to give it a double bass sound.

And the ropes?

A good Ubass brand must have a good brand of strings.

Regularly from the factory it comes with those of the Aquila brand, like almost all the Ukuleles of the world, the bass could not be an exception.

They are simply imitating the traditional gut strings but with a better feeling, with more softness for the hand and with a longer life time ... They say that they will last you up to 20 years!

Is there only "UBASS" DE KALA?

Yes and no.

Originally and under patent, "U-Bass" They can only be the originals of the Kala brand, no other with that name but of course there are other Ukulele-Bass, with other names.

We believe that none sounds like Kala but of course there are good versions like the Moon although like everything else, there are some other versions that are not so good either.

Do you still have doubts? Write us!

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