What accessories do I need to play the Ukulele?

by Ukuleleria Providencia 14 September, 2020

What accessories do I need to play the Ukulele?

When we know more about Ukuleles we realize that there are things that can make life easier for us so that our Ukulele is always 100% and can continue to give us joys like the day we took it out of the Ukuleleria.

-How? Are there accessories?

Clear! there are many things you can find in our physical stores and on our website.

-Well, and what accessories do I need to play Ukulele?

Here we tell you ...

Ukulele Accessories


Ukuleles come with a factory set of strings, which are not bad and will help you hit your first chords and play your first songs, but over time those strings will wear out and you will eventually have to change them. You just have to look for the ones indicated for the size of your Uku and then choose between the different colors that are available.


Since you have your strings, it is necessary to put them in tune so that each one does its job and those chords and beautiful sounds come out of your Ukulele. Tune it up! you already know the standard tuning for sopranos, concertos and tenors (G, C, E, A). Don't let it sound sad and show your professionalism by having it ready. At Ukuleleria we have many types of tuners, different sizes, colors and even rechargeable.

Covers y Tali:

Protect your Ukulele, give it love and keep it safe, if you are going to play while standing, wear a waist that helps you hold it and does not slip, and if you need or want to take it somewhere it is always good to have a good cover or case that protect from blows or things that can mistreat you and shorten your life.


The capo is a small support that adjusts to the arm of your Ukulele and creates more tension in your strings, it serves to go through the frets and instead of making cecilia to keep your fingers more freely.

You already know the accessories for Uku, do you need any?

3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Ukuleleria Providencia
Ukuleleria Providencia


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