Why Kala Color Chord is the best gift?

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara December 13, 2019

Why Kala Color Chord is the best gift?

Hi Ukulelists!
How do you plan to spend Christmas? Will it be with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Wife or husband? Family? Friends?
Well, we will have a great time, because we will spend playing our Ukulele!

Do you already know that Ukulele give away this Christmas? No? Well I have the solution hahaha a Ukulele Color Chord!
That because?

Advantages of a Color Chord Ukulele

Color code

The Color Chord Ukulele has the main characteristic of having the first four chords marked on the ukulele arm, so it will not be difficult to play it when you want to practice This ukulele tells you how to play it!

That's right, the Color Chord Ukulele teaches you how to make the positions of your fingers to start playing it, in the guide that contains it explains parts of a Ukulele, how to tune the Ukulele, how to take the Ukulele, strumming and finally what are the chords which marks in the Color code.


This Ukulele is part of the Kala Waterman line so it can get wet without the fear that something could happen to your Ukulele, so it is ideal to take it on a trip as well.

Is the best

So It is, the Color Chord Ukulele is the best for beginners, it is ideal for all ages and is perfect for travel too, what do you think? Do not you think it is an excellent start for this world of Ukulelists?

Let me A comment with your experience with this Ukulele and the observations you can make about it, remember that sharing everything is better.

  • Do you still have doubts? Write us!

Marlene Carlos @ mizo.tzk

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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