Movies with ukuleles in them!

by Eira Mazón March 21th, 2018

Movies with ukuleles in them!

Since the 20 years in the United States the Ukulele has had a growing boom, it is only natural that it appears in various places of popular culture, as it is in Hollywood cinema.

This time we bring you a list with 8 movies where there has been a scene with someone playing the Ukulele.

1 The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

United States, Great Depression. While Cecilia works as a waitress in New Jersey, her husband is dedicated to doing the bum. His only distraction is the cinema, to which he goes again and again to avoid the harsh reality and dream of a world of champagne, evening dresses and elegant parties. One night, the protagonist of his favorite movie, "The Purple Rose of Cairo", looks at it and crosses the screen to meet her.

Cecilia (Mia Farrow) and Gil Shepherd (Jeff Daniels) perform "I'm Alabama Bound" in a scene from this movie.

2 Whit skirts and being crazy

Time of the Dry Law (1920-1933). Joe and Jerry are two musicians from the pile who are forced to flee after witnessing an adjustment of accounts between two rival bands. Since they can't find work and the mafia chases them, they decide to dress as women and play in a female orchestra. Joe (Curtis) to conquer Sugar Kane (Monroe), the singer of the group, pretends to be an impotent tycoon; Meanwhile, Jerry (Lemmon) is courted by a millionaire who wants to marry him.

This scene leads to this moment where Marilyn Monroe performs "Runnin 'wild" accompanied by the orchestra.

3 Blue Hawaii (1961)

Chad Gates (Elvis Presley) is a former military officer who returns home to Hawaii after graduating from the army. His mother (Angela Lansbury) waits for her to join the family business (a pineapple plantation), but Chad prefers to work as a tour guide. And he will be very lucky, because his first clients are a group of beauties.

In this scene we can see him singing Ku-ui-po, a song that also appears on the disc of the same name to the title of the film and was used as a soundtrack for it.

4.Blue Valentine (2010)

Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams) are parents of a wonderful daughter, but their relationship has gone through better times since they have to combine the demands and expectations of work and family life. Before an uncertain future of the relationship, they decide on a romantic getaway to a hotel, where they remember all the romantic moments of a past full of good memories, and try to recover their passion and love in order to save their marriage.

In one of these memories we see Ryan Gosling singing "You Always Hurt the One You Love" in the ukulele while Michelle Williams dances.

5.Trolls (2016)

Known for their colorful, crazy and magical hairs, the Trolls are the happiest and happiest creatures that break into the world of song. But her world of rainbows and cupcakes will change forever when her Poppy leader (Anna Kendrick) must embark on a rescue mission that will take her far from the only world she has ever known.

This film pays tribute to Simon & Garfunkel when Poppy plays "Sound of silence" in the ukulele.

6 Her (2013)

In the near future, Theodore, a lonely man about to divorce who works in a company as a letter writer for third parties, buys one day a new operating system based on the Artificial Intelligence model, designed to meet all user needs . To his surprise, a romantic relationship is created between him and Samantha, the female voice of that operating system.

Theodore and Samantha perform "The moon song" in ukulele.

This is the first time that a song performed with ukulele is nominated for the Oscar for best original song.

7 Journey to the center of the Earth 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)

Sean (Hutcherson) receives a distress call from a mysterious island, which does not appear on the maps. It is a place with strange life forms. Sean will begin the search accompanied by his stepfather (Johnson), a helicopter pilot (Guzman) and his beautiful and temperamental daughter (Hudgens).

In a scene where they get trapped, La Roca plays "What a wonderful world" in ukulele.

8 Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Since his birth, Mavis lives in the luxurious Transylvania hotel, which was created to protect monsters from the threat of human beings. When Mavis is about to reach the age of majority (118 years), his father, Count Dracula, prepares a party for the best friends of the family: from Frankenstein to the Invisible Man or the Mummy; but a man who falls in love with Mavis also attends the celebration.

Eira Mazón
Eira Mazón


Eira studied the degree of Audiovisual Communication and took a diploma in illustration at the Escena school. He was given a birthday gift Ukulele and since then he has not been able to release it. He is a big fan of Rebecca Sugar and the cartoons.

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