New models of Kala ukuleles arrived in Ukulelería

by Eduardo Mendoza November 10, 2017

New models of Kala ukuleles arrived in Ukulelería

The new models of Kala ukuleles are in the ukulelería ready for you to come and see them. Regardless of whether you are an expert or someone who is starting, we have for all levels. Let's meet Kala's new ukuleles.


The Makala line presents a variety of ukulele with a vintage look at an entry level price. Kala is known for high quality instruments that sound incredible, and the Makala line is no exception. Focusing on the essentials - quality at an affordable price - a Makala is the perfect uke to jump.

In the Ukulelería you can find these models.

Ukulele Makala Sharks

Makala Soprano Pack
(Also available in Concert)

Pineapple Ukuleles

Also came the ukuleles that make a difference because of their pineapple shape, they are available on the Kala and Makala lines.

Kala Pineapple Soprano

Satin soprano pineapple


For the adventurers who are looking for an ideal companion, resistant, waterproof and with a striking color (or without color), new waterman models arrived, these are some that you can find in our sideboards.

Fluorecent blue soprano

Sea Foam Green Concert Waterman


We have received the classic models of kala but there is one in particular that we loved and that you can also examine closely at the counter of the store.

Hawaiian Islands

Come and get yours, we offer advice and solve all your doubts about which would be the best ukulele to start, to give, to play professionally and for any occasion!

Eduardo Mendoza
Eduardo Mendoza


I am passionate about art in general, food and sharing. Instagram: @Anxolotes @Lalo_Anxolote

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ruben oak
ruben oak

August 21 2018

Could you send me the prices of the Ukulele brand KALA and IBANEZ, of Cala one of them (Baritono, Tenor and Concert) from already thank you very cel is the following.1567696387

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