We DO have the best brands of Ukuleles in Mexico

by Andrea Corona December 20, 2019

We DO have the best brands of Ukuleles in Mexico

What is a brand and what defines it?

Why is it so important when buying an instrument?

When you are going to buy an instrument and you are just starting, you do not see it as necessary to be a recognized brand unless you have an idol or know about it.

Brands gain recognition among people thanks to their quality mainly and with it the needs for each person. Just as you can generate a good reputation it can also be a bad one

"Never buy that brand because ..." and it is a great failure but that is what is most, the good or bad reputation in terms of quality.

An poor quality starts from the and in this comes the material of each instrument, the construction time, if the construction itself is good, materials to form the entire ukulele, even the appearance.

There are brands that disguise their poor quality with accessories inside its famous packages ... It includes a case, includes pens, ropes, strap, among other things that are not so necessary but want to make it look huge, in the long run this Ukulele deteriorates and does not work anymore.

For us the best brands and of the best worldwide that we bring to Mexico for all of us KALA, MAKALA, MOON, CORDOBA AND FLIGHT.

Most of these ukuleles are made in factories mostly in China and designed in California and Florida.

When designing them it is initially to know what type of wood is going to be used to develop your fingerboard, mast, the interior, if it is going to take a pill which could be better and others.

All the brands that I just mentioned always do tests, they know where our approach in the Ukuleles is directed until we reach the ideal.

Kala Brand Music Co.

It is our favorite brand by far, of the best qualities in sound, material, duration, appearance, pads, comfort. In general we believe that it takes a 10/10. This brand comes from California and is so reliable that there are renowned artists who likewise use them for their live concerts and for much more.

Kala is dedicated directly to the creation of Ukuleles so that its sound is made to give the best you look for. From bright, opaque, high, low, and all kinds to reach the one that best suits you.

The designs he handles are for ANYONE. Beginners from scratch, people looking for the second, professionals, for whom you are going to start ...

From kala comes the brand Makala, It is the economic line, that is to say that it has more accessible materials for people when you do not want to spend "too much" although in reality neither is "expensive".

Luna Guitars

Luna Guitars is a line of comfortable instruments, designed for musicians of all ages that are beautifully designed to attract minds, spirits and talents.

Co-founder of Yvonne de Villiers, the stained glass artist imagined a company that would reflect designs as unique as those that would interpret them. She was largely inspired by her mother playing the bass. Yvonne always believed that customers should not be seen only as sales transactions but as part of a larger and more united family: the Moon Tribe.

It is with this in mind that Luna Guitars was born.

To really understand why Luna's instruments are considered art for many, you must understand that the people behind the aesthetics of Luna's design are actually artists. The inspiration of world culture, nature and art is evident in the delicate designs embedded or laser engraved and the unique ornamentation that makes Luna guitars so visually stunning.

Although Yvonne left the company in September 2015, he left a great philosophy that remains with us until today, while guitars can be made of wood and metal, what makes Luna unique is his soul. Embracing diversity Committed to social responsibility. Connecting with our guitar community. Committed to customer service. These are some of the aspects that make Luna Guitars unique. We warmly welcome you to our corner of the world ... Welcome to the Tribe!

Cordoba Guitars

Cordoba Guitars was founded in 1997 by (CEO) Tim Miklaucic and is located in the beautiful city of Santa Monica, California. Cordova

Cordoba Nylon String Guitars is the result of Miklaucic's desire to rescue the classical guitar that, today, has been eclipsed by the acoustic guitar of steel strings and the electric guitar. In addition to classical and flamenco guitars, Córdoba also manufactures ukuleles.

Cordoba guitars and Ukuleles are designed in the Spanish tradition: resonant, light and handmade. It varies from 1/4 to full size and with many colors, tone wood, style and cutting / electric options. The quality and craftsmanship of Cordoba guitars speak of the evolution of nylon string instruments. Córdoba has carefully sought to balance the tradition of the first Luthier masters with the increasing changes in technology. The result is an uncompromising fusion of beauty and art that is light and responsive, maintaining the integrity of the Spanish tradition.

Tim Miklaucic began his revival of the nylon string guitar by investigating the best luthiers and brands in the world. Among the first was Edmund Blöchinger (Córdoba Designer / Master Builder). Blöchinger was known for using the classical methods of the Spanish luthiers of the late XNUMXth century. In fact, Córdoba now pays tribute to five Luthier masters with replicas of iconic guitar models that represent significant moments in the careers of Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser I, Miguel Rodriguez, Manuel Reyes and Domingo Esteso.

Córdoba also has Pepe Romero Jr. in his team, who had already been working on an innovative process of applying classical guitar construction techniques to the ukulele. The traditional ukulele underwent a redesign that began by widening the neck offering the player greater freedom and maneuverability, while the exterior aesthetic offered an elegant appearance and superior craftsmanship.

If you are looking for a classical guitar, a flamenco guitar or a ukulele, you should visit these amazing instruments.

Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


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