It's not a guitar, it's called UKULELE!

by Mariana Valdez 03 September, 2020

It's not a guitar, it's called UKULELE!

The little guitar:

In the world, humans live in harmony and terror most of the time, there are things that help them cope with every misfortune or wonderful experience that they live day by day. Many do it through music, which personally is a fascinating thing.

Imagine this: Every day we get out of bed being as miserable as the moment we see ourselves in the mirror and we are scared of so bad that we see ourselves, and what you say.- It will not be such a good day ... But you go, all asleep in the truck you take at the Popotla metro stop and suddenly the songs that you love by Luis Miguel or that reggaetón that everyone likes but you just wonder: What did he say? Or that ballad that has a lovely, calm sound by Jósean Log. To all this, I make your day, even if it is not your gender at all, and adding to that the attitude that it gives to people, it is wonderful.


They are a noble and lovable instrument, it is so easy to play, plus its sound is so friendly to anyone's ear, whether you like rock or classical music.

It was created by some Portuguese immigrants, the idea came from Cavaquinho Portuguese. In Polynesia there were no string instruments, only percussion until after recreating and evolving the Cavaquinho it became part of the culture.

The evolution of the ukuleles went hand in hand with the evolution of music, since now we have all colors, sizes and strings (Soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, banjolele, among others). One of the most commercial is soprano, in fact many say it is the Hawaiian standard.

The chords are as simple as on the guitar, it just takes practice and a lot of persistence for those notes that you hope to reach so much, arrive. You don't have to be an expert to be a great artist.

In the perspective of almost anyone who gets to hold a ukulele, it is a reference toventuras, afternoons of tranquility, of crying and being so feliz that more than one enjoys being alone with four strings sitting on the floor thinking that we are in the sea.

The experiences always flow and flow, the best thing is that you are not alone, there is always music that accompanies you year after year, with new compositions and finger pains but it is absolutely worth it.


When I was still in my basic education, I had the dream of being Melissa Robles (Member of Matisse) because she simply worshiped me how she sang, how she played, all of her in short. I was very, very obvious that I wanted a ukulele with passion and madness. So I was saying it there and there trying to get my parents to buy one for me… But on February 14, I couldn't believe it. It was a normal day like any single woman in the world, enjoy your day with your friends and cry because your crush gave a pizza from the heart to another. And this guy arrived who in her life had had a conversation as long as that day, she opened a briefcase and there was Édouard, the most beautiful ukulele in the whole West: 0

It was so sad and exciting that day, sad for the guy who surely broke his heart and I also broke his heart but he never spoke to him and we were children, nor did he know how he ate that of boyfriends. And happy, I even cried because I finally had my dream, like when in love movies when they see that perfect person in the distance.

From that day on I composed songs, I took out the chords of all the songs I saw on the internet (Melissa and Eureka) and above all I took it to school to sing with my friends.

I was the feelingMany of them called me the ukulele girl for obvious reasons, and that was not all, later in high school I made my army of ukulele players. Unfortunately we were never as famous as we should have been but hey, on February 14 we sang songs to lovers on ukulele. Such a beautiful time and we even went to the sea to sing to my grandmother, she only said: Ah, your little guitar is beautiful.

Imagine that ukuleles were created in 1886 with the landing of Portuguese sailors in Hawaii and that George Harrison and Paul McCartney were fans of ukuleles. Before the second wave of ukulele fans, one felt so special to be part of the ukulele community, although its etymological origin is not very clear (Much evidence leads to its meaning as "flea") for others it meant a new opportunity to learn something new and make it completely yours.

Ukuleles are like people, they come in different sizes and flavors, but what really makes them so special is how each of the humans who come to own one give it their personal touch and creativity that make you fly up to the sky or go down to the basement.

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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