WOOD OR PLASTIC? My Ideal Ukulele.

by Andrea Corona March 04th, 2019

WOOD OR PLASTIC? My Ideal Ukulele.

It is well known that there are so many types of Ukulele right now that they could almost create their own city but, seriously How do I know that Ukulele suits me?

There are people who come to the store and focus on the wall where there are plastic Ukuleles and then look at the wood wall and their confusion is remarkable but more their desire to learn. Here they ask Which should I choose? We have already talked about whether a plastic Ukulele suits you to start but really What are the differences?

waterman plastic ukulele store

"If they sound the same" "Yes they tune and play exactly the same" And many more questions we hear daily.


ukulele concert store


Have you heard how guitars are made?

We talk about all the internal part that we don't see, from the "spines" and other complicated things.

But let's go to the point.

To be brief: The wooden Ukulele has resonance thanks to the porosity of the wood, that is; the wood has very tiny "holes" and it helps the sound or vibrations to be bouncing all the time inside the instrument and give that peculiar shine.

This porosity depends on the type of wood with which it is manufactured, in the case of the Ukulele it can be the same Koa that is the wood originating in Hawaii; mahogany, ebony, pinabete (widely used in guitars from Paracho, Michoacán), ziricota among others.

Neck and Fingerboard

We talk about two woods joined to be that arm (which takes a lot of work; it carries the strings and of course the mere comfort to make chords and what helps many decide which Ukulele they want.

The mast is "the back" where the thumb is reloaded or you have support

girl plays ukulele

The fretboard is exactly the "dark" part or where the sticks are embedded to make the dishes and is the closest to the upper "bone" bridge

ukulele flowers shopukulele parts

The function of the bridges is to have direction in the ropes and their height, that is; if it were like ... 4cm high and the average bone cm taller than the fretboard, your strings would be very high and it would be something like playing spring and this is at your waist height, that's exactly what happens with the plastic instrument but we are going there ...

transparent plastic water ukulele


Recall that the wood has the porosity that allows the brightness in the sound and the plastic?

This does not have those holes to bounce, this is totally smooth and there comes its sound a little off or that ... it just does not have that great brightness.

The structure is apparently very similar but, this one is of a single material.

If it has a bridge, it does have a neck and fingerboard but all of the same material and it causes me to lose some of all that brightness and ease of playing because, in addition, the bridge is made of plastic and already attached at the factory with the resonance cap then never You could modify it.

click the image

In conclusion: We love the sound of both but if you are going to choose your first one, preferably take a wooden one to even know it more and when you know a little more and do not complicate yourself and make strums or chords take one home to give it all love he deserves.

When you want to go out on rainy days or on a walk to wet places, take that amazing plastic friend and have the best day.

plastic colors ukulele

Do you still have doubts? Write us!

Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


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