What wood is recommended for ukuleles?

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara July 17, 2020

What wood is recommended for ukuleles?

Aloha Friends,

There are many types of woods for ukuleles, all will give you different types of benefits.
If you want to know about other woods visit this blog: TYPES OF WOOD

Today we will talk about the MAHOGANY and why we like it on ukuleles:


Scientific name:
Swietenia microphylla

Mahogany wood is one of the most used woods in the environment of carpentry and in general. It is of excellent quality, it is very useful for its versatility to work. mahogany has good durability and is fungus resistant

It is found in Central America, the tropical zone of South America.

It has a high cost due to the production it requires, it is used in different ways, with this wood it makes furniture, doors, sculptures, moldings and even instruments. The result of its manufacture is that you obtain a product of durability and quality.

Mahogany has special characteristics, below I leave them:

Color: There is variation in the tones of the wood from a reddish to a brown

and as you get closer to the crust there will be a darker hue.

Fiber: Straight or slightly crossed

Hardness: semi-soft

Durability: It is resistant to rot, moisture and fungus.

Dimensional stability : Mahogany is dimensionally stable, does not deform.

So, knowing these characteristics of mahogany, we can say that having a ukulele of this material will give us many niceties, weather resistant and very very durable, in addition to having a bright and sweet sound, it is a good option for first ukulele and knowing that this will last us many years. ;)

I hope this blog about mahogany serves you

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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