by Andrea Corona May 27, 2019


How many times have you seen the Ukuleles ads where they offer you almost the BEST UKULELE OF THE WORLD?


Or so they say, because they only offer you packages and they forget to give you a good Ukulele.

BE CAREFUL with buying any of these famous packages or rather with searching QUANTITY instead of QUALITY.

Let's even make accounts if you want because it seems that you buy a combo of products instead of a quality Ukulele.

We have always heard "I'm going to buy a cheap one to see if I like it" but never forget that "Cheap is expensive."

And let's think, do the products really offer us in those packages?

COVER: What is a cover for? 🤔

To transport your ukulele, to protect it, for what else? If we count that it only works for that, it may already fulfill a requirement well but sometimes the covers are so thin that they only serve to take it from one side to another but it will not protect your ukulele from anything. Neither the rain or accidental bumps that may suffer on the road.


Maybe this part is not bad, a tuner is always recommended, especially if it is chromatic because you can tune not only your Ukulele but other instruments such as guitar, bass, banjo, cello, whatever and they have very accessible costs and they work I think that for all musicians although there are also not so precise but functional applications when you are a beginner. ;)


Ok ... how necessary are the nibs when you're a beginner? Or especially to play the Ukulele.

The majority of ukulelists I know and also famous, we do not use pens only at the time of recording professionally or very precise punctures but do not marry that you need them especially if you are a BEGINNER.

Also in any music store you get them from $ 5MX to the most pro ones that are more expensive.


Most ukulele strings of good brands have the "Aquila" brand strings from the factory and when they are changed they are also the most used ones, do you know why? Because the sound quality, duration and everything is excellent, they are not expensive and totally worthwhile, they are all sold for juice so you can change all your strings and always have better sound quality. When they include a set of strings, you can help if you break some of the first days of playing but that suits you to be the same as always ... we are not so sure.



It's great that we continue to watch classes on DVD discs but with this technology we can open the browser of preference and there are hundreds of tutorials to learn to play the Ukulele right now and they are "FREE" So I don't know how useful this option is.


I use the straps more for those of tenor size or when I am playing live with a concert size. In addition there is a very practical way to take the Ukulele and not depend on a Thai or leash although of course they are very practical in large cases.


This is a joke that a customer made when he told us all this bad experience he lived buying in an online store that sells things of poor quality but did not know.

Now let's move on to what really matters more than this GREAT KIT


They are not of good quality why?

The best quality Ukuleles, the most economical of good quality can be around $ 1,000MX - $ 1,400MX Without contact that there is plastic in the same way GOOD QUALITY from $ 900MX

The price starts with the type of wood with which it is made, it is the one that will make it sound great but if they sell you one with bad pine wood you will already have a bad ukulele and with bad sound, but it does not stop there.

Most Ukuleles of that quality are poorly constructed, so they may disrupt, vibrate, have poor bridges, strings and poor tuning.

You will get frustrated thinking that you are bad to play when in fact the instrument is the one that is heard badly.

This is a real testimony that we read and listen almost daily. We want more Ukulelists but with bad instruments it is obvious that not everyone is going to develop.


Get good quality ukuleles, as well as there are bad ones there are also excellent packages that give you the best experience with all quality products and it is not necessary to suffer every day and have to think about buying another ukulele to replace it better think about buying another to enlarge your Good collection :)

Do you still have doubts? Write us!

Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


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