The 4 BEST TIPS to practice more Ukulele

by Mariana Valdez 22 September, 2020

The 4 BEST TIPS to practice more Ukulele

Alohaaa ukulelist !!

In this blog I will share some tips to improve your ukulele practice.
They will help you a lot, especially if you are a busy ukulele player with a thousand activities a day.

Right now with the COVID pandemic, many of us take advantage of that free time (without work and school) to learn to play new songs, perfect techniques ... etc.

But hey, if you have a hard time being consistent with your practices, here are some tips for ukulelist to ukulelistIt's something I do and it works for me.


1. Don't set schedules!
That is, do not think that every day you have to play ukulele from 7 to 8 ...
Better make it more natural, for example while you wait for a file to be downloaded, in what the clothes come out, in your school / work breaks, with 15 minutes that you play for lapses in the day is perfect.

2. Challenge yourself
Set high goals, like plucking: those songs where you have to pull strings and use your fingers a lot on the frets.
With this, your practices will be more enjoyable, and you can also get out of the routine of basic songs.

3. Watch and then practice!
On your trips, or instead of watching TV, put a YouTube video, a video that teaches you a song, or teaches you about strumming techniques.
Watch it in full or multiple times, and when you have your 15 minute ukulele, put it to the test!

4. Get together with friends who play ukulele.
Another way to practice is with friends, not necessarily with a lot of methodology, if not, playing your favorite songs, there you will find:
"I play it like this" "look at this tip" "it works for me to do this"
and so between you, you can improve skills, in addition to nurturing your friendship <3.

In conclusion, the more natural you do it, you will like it more and more and more!
Include it in your day-to-day activities so that you can touch it naturally and you will see how fun it will be!

Greetings Mariana.
* ¨You can invite me to practice whenever you like.

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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