The 3 best ukuleles for beginners!

by Mariana Valdez 05 September, 2020

The 3 best ukuleles for beginners!

Aloha New Ukulelists.

We give you a little help to choose the perfect ukulele to start.

What is the best ukulele for beginners?

Very well, we are going to talk about 3 types of ukuleles of different materials and what kind of benefit each of these can give you.
All these ukuleles are thinking for Beginners its size and characteristics. but you could not only use it if you are just starting out, since if you are a ukulelist intermediate or advanced you can use it and get a lot of benefit from it.

All these ukuleles are size SOPRANO, the most traditional size of the ukulele, Ideal for kids and adults.


1. KALA chord color ukulele: The best ukulele to start from 0.

This is one of my favorite ukuleles for people taking their first step into music and the ukulele.
It has the easiest chord marks identified with colored arrows, which together with a manual help you to play the first songs.

In addition, right in that manual it teaches you super good things such as from:

- Ukulele parts
- How to strum?
- Basic Chords.
- Tune ukulele
- How to properly hold the ukulele.

The material of this ukulele is ABS, which makes it super resistant and good for carry everywheres, EVEN for Small children.

2. Ukulele Shark makala: Sturdy ukulele with super sound.

Have you heard of hybrid ukuleles?

These ukuleles have the characteristic of being a plastic body and a wooden top, which makes you have a ukulele that is a little more resistant to shocks, with a sound that is very similar to a wooden ukulele.

It has a fresh and wide sound due to the curve in its soundboard that is the plastic one.

3. Soprano Wood Ukulele Panda Amahi: Wood and inexpensive.

Very good! If you are one of those who is looking for a good, beautiful and cheap ukulele, that will last you a long time and give you all the beauty of the ukulele, this is the mere one.

It is one of the cheapest ukuleles of the woods of Mahogany.
Mahogany is the most common wood used to make these instruments. Whether in their Solid or Laminated presentation, they will have a spectacular resonance.

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Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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