Top 5 Reasons to Own a Plastic Ukulele

by Mariana Valdez August 10 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Plastic Ukulele

Aloha Friends of ukuleleria!
If you are looking for a new ukulele, be it the first, the second or the third! Here is a list of reasons why choosing a plastic ukulele is a good idea.

My first ukulele was a mahogany ukulele, beautiful with a very sweet sound, then I entered the world of ukulele more and I began to know more models, and I discovered these beautiful plastic ukuleles.

These are the reasons why I chose to have a plastic ukulele in my collection.

5 Reasons to Buy a Plastic Ukulele

1. You can take it everywhere

These ukuleles are made of super resistant plastic, ABS, which makes it resistant to any weather: Heat and cold.
Mine has traveled to Mazamitla (forest) to the beach, spending the day on the sand

and the sound does not change anything.

2. You can easily clean it,

With a damp cloth, and having it dust-free more easily, that is, it requires less detailed care like a wooden one.

3. He knows how to swim, well well, you can get him wet.

Unlike a wooden one (which swells if it gets wet) this ukulele can even be submerged in water.
So you can take it to a sunny day at the pool or to the beach and spend the day between sand and water.

4. You can confidently lend it to your nephews or little brothers.

Children often drop objects, or may make sudden movements at the first time. I have loaned my ukulele and confidently let my 2 year old come over, carry it on his own, play it and discover sounds by himself.
I know that if it falls, nothing extreme will happen!

5. They look very original.

I have a transparent ukulele, and when I take it to family gatherings or with friends, it is the sensation, it awakens a lot of interest in people and they are amazed to be able to see inside it.
They have asked me if it is the case, if it is a lie ... until I play with it and the emotion comes out!

With these reasons, I took them and decided to give her first ukulele to my sister, so that she could learn and teach her daughters at home.
So after reading my reasons: P you can find the benefits that your future ukulele will bring you, take them into account and see how they fit your lifestyle.

Share these reasons with a friend looking for a ukulele!
and you are sure to love this collection:

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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