by Andrea Corona March 13th, 2018


We have you a day planned to receive joy in a way full of love, joys and pure good vibes.

It is the first event in charge of the Ukulelería and Tienda Malabares thanks to Pavilion Cuauhtémoc and all the artists that will make this possible.

It is merely to celebrate the arrival of spring, that we can approach to listen to incredible projects that offer us some of their incredible work.

Have you seen Juggling acts in a square?

The more awaits this long awaited day.

In music, they are great musicians who have raised the great sound of the Ukulele to different genres and level them


Mushashita of the CDMX who comes to give his love in Watermelon Red color.

A single on YouTube and is coming soon to show what it has to give on Spotify this April 2018.

Ukulelista since the 12 years, experimenting and playing with his faithful companion "Sebastián" (ukulele), started to make a couple of covers with his best friends and work day by day so that people listen to his music.

She is Andrea, @ukulelesh. It brings us beyond elotitos and doritos incognita.


12 years old, also starting and debuting with covers dedicated to the coconut film and more pop music.

I would also like to make music and with the incredible voice it has, or doubt it.

She is MAYM HM, let's listen and help get to the dream.


Starting the band in CCH a few years ago, with a Ukulele in hand, melodic and a couple of shakers, Los Anxolotes were taking shape to be the band they are now. I do not tell you what gender they are, nor do they know it themselves but what I assure you they have, is the best vibes to make you dance and enjoy the moment even while sad.

This is something that you can hear in this fabulous festival and we have the surprise of raffling a Ukulele.

Dynamics are already being launched, the first one you can know is the one we announced in our most recent cover "Nothing Personal"

Do not forget to correctly follow the bases already mentioned.

The basis for participating in the Ukulele (1) is
-Share the Facebook or YouTube video "Nothing Personal"
-Tagging two friends
-Use the HT # Ukulelería
-Have "Like" on our page and subscribe on our YouTube channel.

(1) The Ukulele is the one mentioned in the "Nothing Personal" video

(2) You need to arrive at the event to take double account.
The draw will take place during the day. It can be at the beginning, end or intermediate of the event.
The winner's random name will be read; if you participated in the internet and you are not, it will not be possible to claim your prize as it will be traveled to another participant.

Remember to have the publication in "Public" mode to verify that you follow the steps correctly.

We also have facinate acts that will be carried out by talented people such as


We look forward to your presence on March 24 2018 in Plaza Pabellón Cuauhtémoc.

It is for all ages and the entrance is totally free.

Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


More than a corn lover. Hair by hair. @Ukulelesh worldwide. Googleame

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