by Andrea Corona March 29th, 2018


A show which we expected with so much love. After so much effort for each person that, it became possible and the same assistants who also wanted to arrive.

To be our first edition, we dare to say that it was a success.

Full of talents and people in the public very satisfied with everything we could offer.

Find out everything that happened at the festival if you could not come to it or want to relive it.

Starting with the staff of this store. When they gave us the fabulous news we did not hesitate to get down to work and make a plan so that everything went great.

Alan thought about how to make a great ensemble where many Ukulelists joined us to play and make what we love very big. We do not doubt and that same week began all rehearsals with this musical ensemble. Where, in addition, we form great friendships and good Saturday afternoons that, we are seriously planning on resuming soon to do this with much more preparation and spend good evenings knocking where of course, the doors are open for anyone who wants to arrive.

It was chaos but long awaited, how would we announce to people that this show would arrive? We need to make a great flyer!

In addition to the love and much more we dedicate to the Ukulele, each member of this place has different vocations and passions, then, Eira (who has also made a couple of turorials and covers and does a lot in this store) & Andrea put hands to the work and together they began to have funny ideas and very parents until they reached the point of having the one you already know.

The days passed and we did "promotion" until without realizing it the big day arrived.

There was noise everywhere, nothing of calm but a lot of help to start in Pabellón Cuauhtémoc square, which was made thanks to Ale, the organizer in the square.

When the show started, it opened this festival MOGURA. A very professional woman in the art of contact which marveled in the eyes of the audience since it was a show that they probably had not seen.

Since this show started, there were already a lot of people who were watching us and with this great audience, MAY HM followed up on musical acts

Dazzling with his incredible voice to his 12 years of age and his career (which he had already told us in an interview we did) He made the audience vibrate with his great POP-style covers, as is characteristic of her.

Afterwards, people were still excited and, knowing that every act would be like that, they expected each one with emotion and that's how they received


That with few words and a great act he made his hat and balls to juggle to dance, in the company of his parents so slippers that accompany him like that afternoon.

Maybe you already realized that Malabares Store and Ukulelería made shows interspersedly and well yes, the following presentation was one of the ones that made the audience dance a little and clap to the rhythm of the Ukulele with


What started with his Day 22 in a nostalgic way but it ended with her Watermelon Red as the love she transmitted while people stood up to applaud with her and her great team, Jhona (guitar) & Lalo (drums).

This is how the emotion got a little more intense every time. After Andrea, he followed


A boy who is part of the family of Tienda Malabares several years ago, today he came to give us another show, to the list of the most incredible we saved and we hope he has loved it as we do.

Filling his act with balls, hats and a fascinating attitude.

The penultimate musical act takes it


A music that to date does not find in what genre they should be.

The band was not complete but with this it showed us that their music and essence can fit even in a single member with their corresponding personality.

With A guitar, melodic, trumpet and super clear, ukulele, the Anxolotes showed us songs that will be part of their next album.


Also delighting with your contact juggling.

Spheres spinning around, making it so visual that it inspired some children even to visit us in the store wanting to be like him.

There were even some boys who joined us. They just went up, showed us what they love to do and made an even more enjoyable show with the public.

Ending with the Malabares Store show, we found


Tremendous show that he gave us with that act of Hula Hoop, worthy of a professional as she has become with this step.

It is also an important part of our trajectory as juggling and this afternoon, it did.

The event was almost over and we needed to close with a flourish, with what we had planned for weeks


As we mentioned at the beginning, it was quite an adventure to have this mission of joining many people we didn't even know.

People came from Xochimilco, Chimalhuacán, Lindavista, Nezahualcóyotl, Toluca, not counting those who could not reach.

Each essay was very pleasant and through this message we want to reach everyone and say THANK YOU! by the Ukulelería team.

It was certainly a fabulous experience to have met them all and we hope to meet again very soon.

It was a success and the great vibe that this group raised, interpreting great songs such as: One Day - Matisyahu, Piel Canela / (version) Natalia Lafourcade, Las Flores / Café Tacuba & Optimist of Caloncho.

At the end of this event the Ukulele raffle was made that we all expect.

Winning a girl from Colombia who came to enjoy this beloved festival ..

Finally, it is a special thanks to all the people for coming and taking part in this, to the artists and who took the time to read this.


Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


More than a corn lover. Hair by hair. @Ukulelesh worldwide. Googleame

Answer 1

Jose R Colom
Jose R Colom

March 29th, 2018

Very beautiful and lucid activity. I hope to visit them at some point in my life. A hug from my Puerto Rico

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