Start playing ukulele today! 3 tips

by Mariana Valdez June 24, 2020

Start playing ukulele today! 3 tips

Welcome ukulelists!
if you are in this blog, surely you have your ukulele for the first time,
Let me congratulate you and tell you that you are going to love this new adventure.

Here I want to leave you 3 tips to start with good practices playing ukulele
These are some that I have learned from other ukulelists and of course with the experience that I have been playing uku.

1 Tune your ukulele

There are several methods by which you can fine-tune it.
can be with a Digital tuner, with an app like "kala ukulele" or even by ear.

The standard tuning for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles is; from fourth to first string, Sun, do, my, the, (from top to bottom), with all the notes in the same octave. The name of the chord that forms when you play the strings in the air is C6. You will find it in writing as g, C, E, A. With this tuning, unlike the usual stringed instruments, the fourth string sounds sharper than the third, This is called reentrant

You can also visit this blog with more details about tuning:

2 Good posture

1. Your left hand supports the neck and your right hand will be in charge of strumming.
2. Stick your ukulele close to the chest
3. Your forearm should press against the body of the ukulele, mHold your elbow at a 90 degree angle.
4.It is easier if you are sitting, you can rest the ukulele on your thigh.

3. Learn basic chords.

There are many many chords in your ukulele, but I recommend that in these first steps you learn the most basic ones, in addition that with these chords that we are going to share you can take out ... like 20 songs !! really!!
Clear with different strumming, rhythms and arrangements.

Practice these chords with rags just down, then up and down ... slow.

and ready! run to implement these 3 tips, good grades !!! <3

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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