The ukulele and the family.

by Karen Castillo April 14

The ukulele and the family.


Hello my name is Pamela, this is My experience with the ukulele :)

My experience with the ukulele

On an occasion like every afternoon I share anecdote and jokes with me
family surprised me not to see my brother, and they all brought the news that had
bought a ukulele.
Hearing this surprised me and I went to my brother to see the new member
at home, since he likes to play all kinds of instruments.
When I see that it was a simple guitar, but when it was small, it could be heard
nice sound.
After months it seemed fabulous to me as with various notes you heard
spectacular, but the instruments have never caught my attention so much,
also that the monotony did not allow me to make a space of my day to
I started practicing, it just made me admire my brother and ask me "how
is it doing it? & quot; Besides that he said it was easy to learn, it was just
time and practice and practice.
One day not more than six months ago, I had a loving disappointment that led me to
isolate yourself a bit from everyone, the uku started to attract a little more attention
because I felt that through various notes I could get my sadness out.
And exactly in March I lost my job due to the pandemic, I felt crestfallen,
desperate for everything I felt was happening to me
But they well say that God's times are perfect, so one day
Locked up all at home and not knowing what to do, I began to wonder if
someday i could play a complete song.
So I took my brother's uku and started practicing, and the attempt was unsuccessful
, I was a little bit disappointed but I did not give up, then it occurred to me
that I could ask my brother for help and so it was, a little help from him and with a
little help from tutorials, and so began my adventure with my uku
Brother, I started looking for information about the notes, because I didn't
I knew nothing and I saw that on the ukulele page was the song of (let's go to
Mars); , really everything was perfect since the song contained few notes and the
strumming was simple, the song described what I really felt, and everything all
conspire in my favor, also my daughter loved to hear how she played and
It felt very nice when she applauded me, everything was perfect, that's where my passion began
for the music. For me this is a great passion, freedom, it is expressing everything in a few paragraphs and making thousands of emotions feel to those who listen to us. I have thought
buying one is very difficult for me in these times, but I know that someday I will
I will achieve.

Karen Castillo
Karen Castillo


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