2019 year of Ukuleles

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara December 31, 2019

2019 year of Ukuleles

Hi Ukulelists, how are you?
How have your parties been? I hope that as beautiful as we have spent here in Ukuleleria.

We are very excited here in Guadalajara to tell you or summarize hahaha everything we have been through this year at Ukuleleria Guadalajara.
There have been so many things that we don't know where to start, but hey, let's start from the day of the inauguration.


This year we opened our branch in Guadalajara and it has been one of the most important experiences we have lived:

"... Friday July 05th we were fortunate to open this branch, and it was a success because we had many visits which were delighted with the store whether or not they were ukulelists We had a great time when we shared great things. "

We enjoy good music with the band "Aloha Ukulele Band" in addition to some delicious coyotas and coffee.

What we were looking for as Ukuleleria was to become your favorite place where you could learn to play the Ukulele and meet people who also enjoy the Ukulele as much as we and you.

New team in Ukuleleria!

We arrived on October 2, 3 new people to the Ukuleleria team welcomed us with great affection and we felt at home quickly, it was our favorite place.

"I had always wanted to be part of something so unique and fun, I have high expectations of this project."

To be honest, I completely fell in love with the work we do, the people who make up this family and all the people who send us a message every day, they are dreamers with great ideas and fabulous projects.

Even if we were only 3 of the 4 that we were going to be at the beginning we still feel good, we complete ourselves.

Ukuleles caravan

Uff ... without a doubt it has been one of the experiences with more emotions in all my life, the caravan was all.

"Happiness, emotion, nerves and much support"

That's how I felt in the caravan, it was endless emotions.

It was November 30, I will remember forever, I was very afraid that nobody would come, but shortly before 06:00 pm Santiago, Emmanuel and Adriana, now friends of Ukuleleria, arrived.

We play many songs that we like very much and we all dare to sing and play, we even learned songs in that course.


Ukulele Inn and Raffle

"The appointment was at 5:00 o'clock and since long before we were preparing. We were very excited because it was the first Open Mic of the new team of Ukuleleria Guadalajara ..."

That's right, our second Open Mic, but the first for the new GDL team, we were really excited and we worked hard because we wanted it to be the most comforting for all our ukulelist friends and that everyone wanted to play at least one song ... AND This is how it was, hahaha. In fact, they did not want to leave the stage and that made us very happy, it was worth all our effort thanks to all.

We raffle a Ukulele too, the Ukadelic Skulls ukulele.
The dynamic was for every ukulele you bought, you took 2 tickets and for each Coyota 1, we added a few tickets at the last minute, and the winner was ...

Santiago! a very energetic and very talented boy with the Ukulele

People who marked ukuleleria
(Ukulelist Friends)

Several people became part of this beautiful family and that is why we want to include them and let you know them:

Santiago: Energetic, very cheerful and one of the funniest people you can meet.

Adrian: Serious but very kind, lover of music and instruments in general.

Adriana de la Vega: We are captivated with her fabulous voice, she is a very pretty person.

Alondra: We are always happy with her presence and she is the best presenter in the world: D

April Benitez: A singer with a lot of talent.

Karla Cañedo: Talented and very young, a very cheerful girl, thanks for the patience. ❤

A new stage
(Ukuleleria and Juggling)

"Ukulelería is the result of a good day when the ukulele came to us, We played it and we loved it!. All this is started by Ceci and Gus, a couple who likes to do what makes us happy. "

It has been a very busy year for this city, and therefore we decided to make another change at the end of the year, Juggling in Guadalajara once again.

Yes, officially our sister store Juggling Store is returned in the city where he was born, and is right next to Ukuleleria!

Every time we get closer to everything we want, thank you for trusting us and loving us so much, we love you very much Ukulelists and Jugglers.

Thank you very much for the best year!


Marlene Carlos @ mizo.tzk

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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