Tattoos and Ukuleles

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara octubre 31, 2019

Tattoos and Ukuleles

Have you ever thought of recording something that represents a lot to you? Since more than one of us has crossed our mind the crazy idea of ​​tattooing something we want to take with us for a lifetime.
Did you know that the word tattoo It has its etymological origin in the French word "tatouage "?
The history of tattoos goes back to ancient civilizations that, through rituals, tattooed symbols of strength, power and magic.
With the passage of time, its meaning has evolved. In the tribes of the PolynesiaTo name a case, tattoos were used to generate fear in enemies and to enhance someone's status or status.
Aboriginal Americans, meanwhile, tattooed to commemorate certain events or to mark the beginning of adult life. Before they were typical brands of sailors and then began to be adopted by marginal people who lived outside the law.
Finally, at present, tattoos are accepted on a social level, even for aesthetic purposes.
For all that, choosing what we want to tattoo is a very important decision, because we will carry that ink impregnated on the skin for a lifetime.
And what better tattoo, than one that has to do with this musical world that we are so passionate about, and even better, one where our star instrument is the protagonist: The Ukulele.
So, today I bring you some of the most beautiful and original designs I found, where this little guitar that drives us so crazy looks great.
We start with simple and simple tattoos, but very cute and discreet, like this one:
There are also some more elaborate ones, which although they are still discreet, attract a lot of attention for their incredible design.
Personally, these are my favorites, because despite having no color, the tattoo artist plays with the different shades of black, gives shadows, nuances, and details that make him look incredible, in addition to the mysticism that this adds.
There are others, on the other hand, a little more daring, more colorful and therefore more fun. Here it is played with colors, different shades and endless mixtures that make the tattoo look spectacularly.
And if we talk about creativity and tattoos, let's not forget that we can include in our tattoo different designs that represent a lot for us. For example, we can include something that has to do with nature.
These tattoos remind us of the beauty of our natural environment and, in turn, give us ancient and universal meanings.
The beauty of the flowers and the great variety of species is indisputable. In addition, each flower has a different meaning so we could play with that too and make it our ideal tattoo.
And finally we have the locochones, those that are hilarious, with a very original and very unique design.
This is a good opportunity to stay a little and make a design that only we have.
Anyway, if it's about tattoos, drawings, or designs, creativity is infinite and there is no limit when it comes to choosing the one we like the most; Discreet, colorful, crazy, original, small, large, medium ...
The point is to blow our imagination and impregnate in our skin something that really says "This is me!"
Which was your favorite?
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Berenice González @bere_gonzalez09

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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