Where they are located?

by Ukuleleria Providencia 26 September, 2020

Where they are located?

Aloha Ukulelists!

Today we are going to tell you a little about the Ukuleleria stores and where to find us, so you can come visit us, know everything you need to learn about Ukuleles and choose the one you like the most.

Ukuleleria Stores

CDMX (Mexico City)

The mother of all shops, the shrine of the Ukuleles, the Cathedral of the Ukulelists and our parent store.

The Ukuleleria in Mexico City is the largest of the two that we have, and for 7 years it has been bringing joy to all the people who want to enter the world of music with the most beautiful instrument there is.

Before located in Plaza Pabellón Cuauhtémoc, and now in its new and improved location in Colima # 23 in the Roma Nort neighborhoode, we take care of bringing you happiness every day from Monday to Sunday with a schedule from 11am to 6pm. In this store you will find a great variety of Ukuleles of all colors and sizes.

Make an appointment to visit us, you can send WhatsApp or dial us at:

+55 1214


If you live in Guadalajara, we will also have the pleasure of receiving you in our store. Although it is smaller than the one in CDMX, we also have many Ukuleles from which you can choose the ideal one for you. For 2 years we have been filling with love the houses of the Guadalajara musicians who find their other half with a Ukulele.

Our old location was in the Barrio de Santa Tere, but now we are recharged with energy, with a lot of attitude and ready to receive you in 2802a Providencia Avenue, in the Providencia neighborhood.

Really coming to our stores to know a little more about this beautiful instrument, to have a coffee and even eat a delicious Coyota, it will always be a great experience ... You will even find juggling!

Make an appointment at 3331600805, we will gladly receive you.

And if you live outside of either of these two cities, don't worry, you can always visit the Ukuleleria in our Online store, where you will find all our products, from strings, covers and tuners, to Ukuleles and videos of how to play it.

Do not be left behind, enter the world of music with the simplest instrument to play. THE UKULELE!

Ukuleleria Providencia
Ukuleleria Providencia


Guadalajara store team

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