From the best ukulele brands: "Amahi" comes to Ukuleleria

by Ceci Rosas August 19 2020

From the best ukulele brands: "Amahi" comes to Ukuleleria

We launch a new brand of ukuleles

perfect for beginners, children, a good gift or to add to your collection.

Finally comes to the Ukuleleria: Amahi. Ukuleles of SUPER quality, price, variety and design!

amahi logo ukulele

amahi ukulele

We are very happy to be able to offer this new brand in the Ukuleleria since when we met it, we simply fell in love, and since we are lovers in the Ukuleleria of having the best in ukuleles we decided to bring it to Mexico!

Tropical amahi ukuleleamahi mahogany ukulele mahogany

What the Amahi brand has is that it has DIFFERENT CATEGORIES, which makes it super special. You can get from models for beginners and children, all made of plastic, or hybrid with wood, the lid and the back to withstand more impacts are made of plastic like the ones in the following image


Amahi Ukuleles is born from a parent company: Amati's Fine Instruments, which has been producing high quality orchestral string instruments for more than 25 years.

In 2011, in order to provide ukuleles for a school program involving Amahi's owner's wife (Michael Shear), Amahi Ukuleles was born.

Apparently it was something very nice because they already had experience with instruments and it was something very natural to be able to make ukuleles with the quality guarantee of years of experience.

best selling ukuleles

"We are dedicated to providing high-quality sounding ukuleles that are as appealing to the eye as to the ear."

Our approach to ukulele design is similar to Amati's approach to violin design.

kids ukuleles

Each ukulele begins as a project on how to improve overall tonal and intonation properties, as well as visual appeal and playability.

Each design begins with the first selection of the wood for its tonal properties and its beauty. The binding is then selected for its function and the improvement of the overall appearance of the ukulele.

ukulele beach

Our fingerboards on our intermediate and advanced ukulele lines are tied in the same way as a guitar fingerboard. This provides an overall wider fingerboard that is more comfortable for hands of all sizes.

best ukuleles mexico
"Our best craftsmen professionally configure and tune our ukuleles in Cincinnati before supplying our customers throughout North America. We have a full range of ukuleles, from entry-level soprano ukuleles with decorative patterns to beautiful high-end ukuleles for serious musicians. . "

amahi Steel Tongue Drum
Amahi Ukuleles is a division of the family business, Amati's Fine Instruments. We are proud to have more than 40 employees dedicated to promoting the advancement of music in the lives of children and adults.

rainbow rainbow ukulele

-Michael Schear, President

Ceci Rosas
Ceci Rosas


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