How to take care of my Ukulele

by Andrea Corona May 04, 2019

How to take care of my Ukulele

Being a beginner or not, we always have to take care of our Ukulele.

With the passage of time, as a personal opinion, some of my Ukuleles have deteriorated due to not giving them the necessary care and in this case we are going to give you some tips so that your Ukulele has the best possible aesthetic life.

We also asked some of our followers and this is what they told us ...


Input is something that we need to tell you. It's the most part why your Ukulele is going to look good. 😎

How do we clean it?

Wood does not have to have contact with water because it deteriorates ... Use any wood cleaning product! The idea is that you manage to clean your ukulele from the dust that is accumulating, mainly between the nozzle and the bridge, as well as in the pegbox and very important also in the frets! It cleans the entire fretboard that many things are left in the spaces and makes it look and feel fatal.

It also cleans the plugs, especially if they are shiny materials, a little cloth makes a big difference!


Regardless of having a good aesthetic we also have to have a good sound.

After approx 6 or 8 months playing your ukulele almost daily you need to change the strings to have a fresh sound. If your Ukulele takes even more than a year without a change of strings it is important that you do it now ... I will teach you. Take your ukulele and pass your fingertip underneath the strings did you feel? They have been marked by the frets they even feel with those spaces.

Just changing the strings can be a good excuse to clean your Ukulele!


When I just had my Ukulele, I never took it out without its cover because always between my busy trips by subway, the sun, the dust was being spent a lot.

The only times I left my Ukuleles without a case, fatal things happened to me like breaking them from the soundboard, carving them against furniture and hitting them practically with everything and that got wet with the rain ...

No matter what, always have a case that helps you transport it and mainly give it its place. As much as we want to touch it all day we know it is impossible and needs its own place such as that case / case / bag


Although it seems dramatic there are people who really play with coins, with cards or with almost anything that comes to mind.

It is not so necessary to touch the Ukulele with nib but if you get to do it make sure that it is really with a ... there are even felt nibs so as not to hurt or scratch your ukulele too much.

These are 4 tips that we can give you ...

Our followers gave us some more.


"Buy him another ukulele partner so he doesn't feel alone"



"Protect it from temperature changes. For example Cold and humidity."


"If we take it on a trip or out, always keep an eye on it as it is a very fragile instrument.

Leave it when you do not use it in a place that does not hit the sun much "

Do you still have doubts? Write us!

Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


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