How many ukuleles should I have?

by Mariana Valdez 12 September, 2020

How many ukuleles should I have?

Aloha Friends of the ukuleleria.

Many times we get doubt and remorse when we see another ukulele that makes us fall in love ... and we get the question ... if there are enough ukuleles or when to stop haha.

Have you asked yourself?

How many ukuleles should I have?

Well personally I think there is no limit for ukuleles.
and it is not because of having more ukuleles or less ukuleles depends on our level.

You can follow this list of ukuleles you can have, but!
that you have only one with that is enough and enough, as long as you give it the best of uses and a life full of music.


Here we are going to start, surely this ukulele will serve you for your first strums, basic songs and to learn.
It will be RUDE to use, since being the first you will want to take it with you everywhere.
Possibly for choosing it to start with, the quality was sacrificed a little and your ear will ask you for a better sound, wood, even from another brand.


Which leads us to:


With time you are sure to become very good in terms of technique and level.
A better brand and sound ukulele than you already have.
This so that your songs are heard much better, you will notice it in the sweetness of the ukulele that your already more exercised ear will ask you for it.

In addition, a different model always makes us eyes!
In this option it could be a electroacoustic, that will give you a much more powerful sound when you connect it to an amplifier and give some concerts with family and friends.


ok! it is mere collection but you could consider having a ukulele resistant to EVERYTHING.
like the water, the weather, the falls .. etc.

I believe that this cannot be missing in this collection a plastic ukulele to be able to take it to the beach, have a different sound and appearance.

It seems to me that it will add you versatility.


Hey, maybe this happens to you too and you want to try different sounds and views with other ukuleles, like PINEAPPLE or ukuleles of different size like CONCERT.

It may be then that with this list you already add 4 ukuleles, but as I said at the beginning it may be that with a sooo well chosen ukulele accompany you for years.


Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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