What is the most pro Ukulele?

by Ukuleleria Providencia 13 September, 2020

What is the most pro Ukulele?

As we entered the world of the Ukulele, played our first songs, learned chords, and entered a band, we are ready for the next step. Maybe record a song in a studio or even give a concert. For those people who have already jumped, it is important to have a good instrument, and that leads us to answer the question of the day.

What is the most Pro Ukulele?

When we talk about quality we have to investigate a little more about our instrument, know about sizes, types of wood and even the assembly of our Ukulele, and because we care that you always have a Ukulele that meets your needs, we will make you a top 4 of the best Ukuleles we have in our store.

Number 4

Ukulele KALA Concert KA-SSTU-C:

The soprano travel ukulele is the series of travelers. It has a better sound than other ukes. No doubt this Ukulele we should all have at home to be able to take it anywhere either tied in the backpack. The sound and build quality are awesome! The ultra-thin travel line is designed to go anywhere. The slim body makes them light and portable, perfect for any adventure. The arched back is designed to offer a huge sound.

Number 3

Ukulele KALA JAZZ Tenor Vintage White:

Our Tenor Ukulele Firm has a beautiful Archtop / Archback design with classic "f" holes. Equipped with a fir cover and mahogany back with its sides, this instrument resonates with a warm and soft sound. Appearance: Its finishes are impressive, It is really nice. The finish that gives an incredible effect of the little vintage, the Pearloid union and its varnish with metallic front sparks combine to give it a classic jazz look. The tuning system and its electronic tuner pickup give a smooth and clean action. It is really beautiful! Shocking and with beautiful sound. It was worth every penny.

Number 2

Soprano Ukulele High Tide KOA brand Moon

The "High Tide" series is the premiere line of Luna's ukuleles. This beautiful series of uke takes its inspiration from the full moon on the first fret, which causes the abalone wave fret markers beneath it to "rise" as they ascend through the fretboard toward the moon's pull .

High-Tide ukuleles are made of exotic tropical hardwoods and the sound hole is framed by an abalone ring. This beautiful Luna ukulele features a solid koa body, which produces a complete and deep sound along with the size of the soprano body of the instrument. The mahogany neck, walnut bridge and fretboard add a lasting tone and clarity to your tone. Pearloid open-style tuners keep the instrument in precise tuning and the built-in preamp provides easy amplification. Dressed with a satin finish and with multiple maple and walnut rings, you will not believe your eyes with the natural beauty of the ukulele.

Number 1:

Ukulele Kala Maple Gloss

This little uke has a monster tone! And Maple Wood which makes it beautiful. A perfect combination. Fine wood and incredible sound.
Strong and forceful with that classic uke tone you love!
The solid fir gives it a fullness that you don't usually hear with this size.
The geared light tuners work very well.
If you like small ukuleles, this will be wonderful!

Ukuleleria Providencia
Ukuleleria Providencia


Guadalajara store team

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