Ukuleleria covers contest What a thrill!

by Mariana Valdez June 22, 2020

Ukuleleria covers contest What a thrill!

Aloha Friends of the ukuleleria.

A few days ago we launched a cover contest for ukulelists, super excited to see all the talent of friends, followers, new ukulelists in the community and all too many who share this passion with us.

We have loved everyone's response, we had more than 350 videos with a lot of talent, good music, spark, good vibes and emotion.

For some contestants it was their first time filming on video!
We are very happy that they did it and shared it with the whole community.
Others who shared the camera with family and friends

and some more who made some videos with themselves to various voices INCREDIBLE!

It has made me so excited to hear from some of the hearts they put into it, not only for the award, but also because for them in this ukulele adventure it is a super cool challenge.


Throughout the first week we began to see how their videos began to upload, at the same time that others wrote to us to ask and refine their details.

The bases of this contest were simple
- Record yourself with a cover
-Upload your video to a platform
- ask for votes.

We saw videos from many parts of the world, it is incredible how there are people like you who share so much distance.


Very soon we will leave you all these videos of our participants, it is a great playlist to listen to and inspire you for new songs, also they will be very happy to be heard.

ukulelistas from various parts of the world, with a talent that will make you fall in love !!


we want you to meet the first places! who made a super effort sharing their video for voting.

1st place. MAJO OLVERA
Zapopan Jalisco

Mexico City

Cordoba, Veracruz

Thanks to all the participants, for their effort and time,
We are very proud of each and every one of these shared videos.

We wish you a lot of success and GOOD NOTES !.

Ukuleleria team

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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