Buying a ukulele online, reasons to trust.

by Mariana Valdez July 19, 2020

Buying a ukulele online, reasons to trust.

Aloohaaaa ukuleleria friends.
Many times I have had to listen to some people who are not very sure about making purchases on the internet, and of course! You have to be careful where to buy, if there is a good reputation, quality of products, if there are physical stores and everything or that you can investigate before your purchase.
With this, I want to tell you that now in the heart of COVID, the lifestyle has changed, and we are in an era where the internet is today and what has united us to so many people in different points, cities and countries!
And well, I would like to give you several reasons to buy a ukulele on the internet, especially in this beautiful ukulele store.


1. There are a variety of models and recognized brands, such as official distributors of the Kala and Luna brand, that is, you are going to find great ukuleles, of different levels (beginner, advanced ... etc), you will certainly get a good uku.

2. You have an online advisor who will support you in chat, or call to give you all the information you need, we do not stop and even videos and photos will send you the ukulele you want to buy.
3. We have a backing of 2 physical stores (Cdmx and Gdl in case you want to visit them one day) and more than 15 years with online sales at and almost 8 years at

4. We insure your package, and we are waiting for it to reach your home, we use Fedex, a safe and trustworthy package.
If there is any setback or special case that does not come, we will take care of solving it.
5. Warranty, your ukulele changes:
- if you don't like it, we can change it model
- if it arrives in poor condition
- if you have a factory defect
6. Secure payment methods.
We use trusted platforms to use your card or cash payments, everything comes to us instantly and we can check your payment or help you detect it soon.
7. happy customers
This is the important maaas, because you can see the opinions of other customers who have already bought and learn about their shopping experience, with their ukulele and everything.
Since we take care of the details, when answering your questions, checking your ukulele, packing it with a lot of love.
8. Content to learn.
We not only want you to buy a ukulele, but also to learn how to play it, that is, if you have a ukulele from another brand or store, it doesn't matter! you are welcome to the ukulele community.
Well, what else can I tell you, the truth is that you are going to have a whole experience with your new ukulele, from the moment of purchase.
It will be a pleasure to help you! : D

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