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No kidding when we say that nothing is impossible for this small great instrument and what better than an opening of one of the most emblematic cartoons in history.

Personally speaking it is one of the most important cartoons of my childhood. Arriving from school together with my brother and lying in our room to see Dragon Ball, Malcom In The middle and SpongeBob They were part of my day to day and today it fills me with excitement to teach you to play this beautiful song, believe me when I tell you that there was some moment in my life that disguises me as'BREAD' Goku's granddaughter in Dragon Ball GT.

Without more cheesy stories to tell, let's learn a new song: D ...

Let's get ready; The chords are the easiest, we already know: C, G, AM, F and new ones that I will teach you; Fm, Gm, Cm, G #, D #.

And let's start:

Your smile so bright
Am Em
to my heart leaves enchanted
F Am Dm
come take my hand to run away from
this terrible dark

Fm Bb Gm
The moment I found you again
Cm Fm
my mind brought to me that beautiful place

G Cm D#
that when I was a child it was so valuable to me
I want to know if you want with me
Gm Cm Fm
dance if you give me your hand I'll take you by
G Cm D#
a path covered with light and dark
maybe you keep thinking about him I can't
Gm Cm F
know it but I know and I understand what love you need
Bb G
You and the courage to fight in me will find it.

and the chords are repeated until the end of the song. I wish I could read your comment and tell me what other song would you like to learn?

Remember that nothing is impossible for this wonderful instrument and that we will always be supporting you in this great journey accompanied by YOU UKULELE.

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On this side of the screen, he wrote for you: Jessica Acero

Recart Collaborator
Recart Collaborator


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