How to read tabs for ukulele?

by Eduardo Mendoza 26 September, 2017

How to read tabs for ukulele?

This week we wanted to play different things in the ukulele, so we searched the web for some familiar songs to start touch the fingerstyle and understand how to read tablatiras to play the ukulele. In the meantime, we have found that writing in this type of songs are tabs, do you already know them? Do we dare to know and practice them together? Go for it!

Tabs are a type of musical notation created to easily understand what notes to play without the need to know music, we just have to know the parts of our ukulele called Strings and frets.

This is because we will simplify this scheme even more, look at the following image.

It looks like a pentagram but they really represent the strings of our ukulele starting from top to bottom like this, A, E, C, G.

This number indicates the space we must touch. if we pass this to our ukulele it is like that. The third fret on the first string, look at the example, is the same as above only transported to the ukulele

Take your ukulele and go playing note by note the following tab!

If we go step by step it is: 2a string in the air (without stepping on fret), again the 2a string in the air, 2a string in the 1er fret, 2a string 3er fret, 2a string 3er fret, 2a string 1a string, 2a string air and 3a string 2do fret. Does it sound to you Try to touch it faster.

In most forums about ukulele tabs they come as follows:

A | ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------
E | ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------
C | ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------
G | ---- 5 ---- 3 ---- 1 ---- 3 ---------------------------- -----------------------

Going into details, there is a symbology to touch certain specific things like some ornaments, strokes or silences. Let's see them!

Symbology to play the ukulele

SLIDE (drag)

A finger is used to move from one note to another by sliding it on the rope. Play the FA note and then slide the first finger to the SOL on the third fret without reducing the pressure.

E || --------- 1-s-3 -----------

RELEASE (pre-bend)

Place your finger on the 5to Re. fret and pull the rope up to My position without pressing it. Once in this position, you press the note and while it is still sounding you let the string return to the LA position keeping it tight.

A || ------- 7-r-5 ---------

HAMMER (hammer)

A finger is used to move from one note to another on the same string. Touch an FA with the 1 finger, and then without turning off the FA note, place the 3 finger on the SOL note.

E || --------- 1-h-3 -----------

PALM MUTE (notes off)

The abbreviation PM It means that the notes indicated must be performed in a percussive manner. The palm of the right hand is gently supported on the strings to turn them off and the notes are played, this produces a muted sound.

PM ------------
G || ------ 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 ------

PULL OFF (pull)

One note is pressed and one or more notes are played downwards by pulling the string down a bit. Put the first finger on the first fret and the third finger on the third fret. You play SOL on the third fret and lift it by pulling the string gently down.

E || --------- 3-p-1 ----------


Place the 1 finger on the 5to La note. fret and swing it without pressing your thumb too much, you can also move your finger up and down while still pressing the light rope.

E || -------- 5-v-----------

BEND (corvar)

It makes a note rise in hue through a pull. Play the 5 fret note and pull it up, making the note rise a tone, from LA to YES. Sometimes, when it is less than a tone it is marked with fractions.

E || -------- 5-b-7 ----------


The note is played and with the fingertip of a left hand finger the sound is cut making it more acute.

C || -------- 12-A-----------

This is the basic knowledge to be able to play a tablature, now try to practice some easy to increase your repertoire of songs. I leave you with the typical song of We want cake!


Try to touch the pink panther theme!

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Eduardo Mendoza
Eduardo Mendoza


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August 05 2018

Sorry I'm new to this, I bought a ukulele recently and I don't know if the songs you showed have to be strummed. Thank you very much

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