How to make an appointment to visit LA UKULELERIA?

by Mariana Valdez 19 September, 2020

How to make an appointment to visit LA UKULELERIA?

Aloha Friends!

We are very happy to know that you want to come visit us, surely you will have an incredible time with so many ukuleles and sharing a lot with the team.

In these times of COVID, We have made a plan so that you can visit us safely, we will explain the steps to make your appointment and during the visit.
These appointments help us to manage an agenda and to know how many people we are expecting and can be inside the store, that is, you will have time to be with a family member alone in the store! and so avoid contagions.

It is possible that another family enters at the same time, The ukuleleria is wide and allows us to do it by healthy distance.

How to schedule an appointment?

You can contact the team in different media and schedule your appointment at available store hours.

Monday to Sunday
11:00 am to 6:00 pm


Go to facebook to our official fanpage, and chat with us.
The team will help you to schedule your appointment and give you confirmation of the time you want to visit us.

Right there in inbox you will receive the confirmation of your appointment, with time and date.
* If you need to make any changes you can let us know right there.

As in the case of facebook, send us a direct message to check availability in stores, the team will confirm you and request your name to schedule your appointment in our agenda.

We will confirm you and we will be waiting for you <3

You can write us a WhatsApp direct to our stores, to schedule your appointment and, incidentally, check ukulele availability.
You just have to send us your name, and the hours you visit us in the store. :)

We will send you the confirmation of your appointment so that you attend it on time.

If you want to make it a little more personal, you can call us directly at any of the stores to speak with the team, answer some questions and schedule your appointment right there:

Colima 23 North Rome
Tel and Whatsapp: 5552644689
how to get

Av. Providencia 2802 Providencia
Tel and whatsapp: 3331600805
How to get there

Before your visit, keep in mind this PROTOCOL:

  • Carries covers mouths and use it at all times inside the store.
  • We have a filter at the entrance with a mat and antibacterial gel use it!
  • Respect the healthy distance in store with other customers and the team.
  • You can play ukuleles! Just use antibacterial gel before and after.
  • After your visit the team will leave the store ready for other customers. :)

We are ready to hang out with a lot of ukulele!

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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