How to start playing Ukulele

by Ceci Rosas January 10, 2017

Aloha! It is true, the ukulele is the easiest, fun, practical instrument, and above all, that you can learn to play a song faster.

Now, if you wonder ... I already have my ukulele. And where do I start? This is the wonder of the Ukulele. The learning process is very fast!

ukulele tab

1 Tune your ukulele

2 Learn to get in a good position with your ukulele

3 How to strum

4 How to easily read chords

5 Start with easy song tutorial videos

6 Print the easy songs, make a folder.

7 Practice if you can, daily for at least 30 min.


First, start tuning in and have your ukulele ready.

For this you need a Clip Tuner for Ukulele (usually the Clip ones work for: guitar, chromatic, ukulele and violin) Or there is also the wonder of smart phone apps. If you have an iPhone, in App Store you can find several options. I recommend a new app called "THE UKULELE APP" which, nothing else has a tuner; It has almost everything to learn and play: Chords, scales, videos, and more so that you are always playing and moving forward.

ukulele tuner

Good. You have already tuned your ukulele. Remember that if it is new, the strings at the beginning, will tend to loosen and you will have to tune it to each little while, but this will not last more than a couple or more days. They will stretch to what they have to stretch and stay tuned for longer and longer. EYE: Unlike the guitar, the strings of the Ukulele are made of Nylon and you don't have to go loosening the strings every time you finish playing. I love that.

Learn to take your Ukulele comfortably. hold ukulele

This would seem very simple, but it takes one to get used to taking the ukulele in a comfortable position and playing without problems, without getting off and interrupting your beautiful musical moment. How to take your Ukulele? You have to hug him and stop him with the middle part of your arm, which is squeezing towards your stomach, but comfortable, without making much pressure.

Search for turorial videos!

In youtube there are many tutorial videos of almost all the songs you can imagine; There are many of Ukulele Mike, there is another very good channel called UkuleleUnderground and it has many very simple and although they are in English just follow the graphics of where to accommodate your fingers and voila!

underground ukulele

Print the easiest songs to learn

This is very important and take them with you! A folder, and make your perforations and go making your collection. Besides that in my case; Many people can learn with that folder, not just you. It may also be that instead of printing, there are apps on the cell phone like UkuleleTabs and Ukutabs that you can search, save and see when you want the songs you like.

Do not despair! And you will see that you will enjoy playing your Ukulele in an 2 x 3. You will take it everywhere and share musical moments with friends and family.


Ceci Rosas
Ceci Rosas


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