How to start composing?

by Recart Collaborator June 26, 2019

How to start composing?

Good morning, friends of the Ukuleleria.

Once you start playing an instrument, a big question arises about how do I start composing my own songs?

Doesn't it seem strange that many songs sound similarly or that, when trying to learn to play a piece, the chords are the same?

Well, the reality is that there is something called harmonic progression, which consists of a series of chords that serve as a basis in music.

I remember that a long time ago one of my guitar teachers had told me about a kind of formula to be able to play almost any song, at that moment I was surprised by his comment because I could not believe that something like this existed.

First of all, we must explain a bit about the theory and the system of cadences

What is the Cadence System or Nashville System?

In a very short way, it consists of a series of Roman numerals with which we can write down the notes of a song without complicating ourselves in the chords, that is, the Roman numerals and names such as (tonic, supertonic, etc.) is another way of calling it to the notes that we know as (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si)

I: Tonic

II: Supersonic

III: Through

IV: Subdominant

V: Dominant

SAW: Superdominant

VIII: Sensitive or Subtonic

How to use it in the progression I - V - VI - IV (The most commonly used progression for pop / rock?

It is very simple, for this it is only necessary to choose a note and start counting:

To apply this progression we must choose a Tonic, for this example we will use Do (C) I

The next thing is to find the Dominant, in this case it is Sun (G) V

Then we must put the Superdominante, eye, it must be a minor chord The smallest (Am) VI

In the end we only have to use the Subdominant Fa (F) IV

To finish we can only implement this small progression with any strumming, try to keep up with this song.

Can you find more songs with this progression? Do not hesitate to leave your comments and share this post with all your friends

Blog made by: Alejandro Segura. (collaborator for the Ukuleleria)

Edition by: Karen Castillo.


Recart Collaborator
Recart Collaborator


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