How to sing and play at the same time?

by Eira Mazón April 08

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We know that this is a topic that is very difficult for us, especially when we are learning to play the ukulele and it becomes very frustrating not to be able to do both at the same time, that is why on this occasion we give you some tips on how you can Start playing and singing at the same time without suffering so much.

1 Simple songs, easy rhymes

At first do not try to complicate yourself looking for very complicated songs because in the long run you will end up frustrated and you will send it to the devil. Instead choose a simple song with an easy rhythm that you know very well, like a lullaby or popular song.

2 Know the chords

Trying to sing a song while trying to remember how are the chords you have to play is an almost impossible task, so you need to know the chords of the songs you try to play to make the chord changes as smoothly as possible.

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3 Meet the strum

Practice the song until you can play it without thinking, try to memorize it and play it while watching TV or having a conversation.

4 Learn how the song is sung

In addition to knowing the chords and strumming you need to know the tone and lyrics of the song, this may require you to leave the ukulele for a while and concentrate on learning it.

Sing it while listening to it, sing it while you bathe, sing it to your pet, sing until you learn it and you can do it without looking for the lyrics.

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5 Tararea first

It might be easier if instead of starting to play and sing the song about the melody, you will worry less about making a mistake with the lyrics and you can practice strumming and chords.

6 Change the tone

If it is difficult for you to reach certain tones in the song you can try to change the tone of your song so that it adapts to your voice easily, try to sing it in different tones until you find the one you feel most comfortable with.

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7 Practice a lot!

Learning a new skill takes its time and that is why you may need to practice long before you can play different songs, when you want to learn new rhythms you can also stumble a bit but the important thing is that you keep practicing and have patience. Soon you will be a great!

Eira Mazón
Eira Mazón


Eira studied the degree of Audiovisual Communication and took a diploma in illustration at the Escena school. He was given a birthday gift Ukulele and since then he has not been able to release it. He is a big fan of Rebecca Sugar and the cartoons.

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