Ukulele tutorials or tutorial videos?

by Mariana Valdez June 10, 2020

Ukulele tutorials or tutorial videos?

Aloha Ukulelists!

Today I want to leave you this blog, there is no way to debate (to see what is better)
if not so that you know about both options and can identify with one of them to start learning ukulele today.

In addition to being a very easy instrument to play, you can start without knowledge of music, of course you will learn in the process and you will love it!

I share some benefits of both options to learn ukulele!


- you learn at your own pace
- you can pause it, return it, slow it down ..
- You can repeat the same reading several times
- you watch the videos anywhere (from your home for example)
- You can have many teachers
- Share doubts and comments with other users
- You can take them in a short time
- they are for free!
- Now with technology and home closure, it will be easier for you to take your ukulele and learn.

visit our channel and learn at your own pace:


- They are personalized
- you can instantly solve your doubts
- you go for lessons, more gradual, Step 1 ... step 2 ...
- By having a teacher, surely you commit yourself more: P
- you can measure your progress
- you learn more technique
- they give you more knowledge about music
- you can have printed material
- taking uku classes with an experienced teacher is a good opportunity to progress quickly.

What is the option that suits you best?
we learn faster on our own and others need a little more help to move forward with our ukulele

If you are going to buy your first ukulele, I WILL GIVE you the delivery!
use UKUBLOG and you will see your discount.

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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