Do you know all the parts of your ukulele?

by Eira Mazón April 10

ukulele parts

If you want to know what the parts of a Ukulele are and what they are for this is your lucky day, because in this blog we will tell you all about it!

1 Shovel or Headstock

This is the top of the Ukulele, contains the pegs that hold the strings and tune the ukulele.

2 Pegs

Are used to tune the strings by tightening or housing each string. Some pegs are placed on the holes drilled in the blade, others are placed like the guitar holes on both sides of the blade.
The most common material for machine heads is chromed nickel.
ukulele luna Mexico Ukuleleria

3 Cejuela / Bone

A slightly raised plastic or wooden bar, located at the base of the shovel, with shallow grooves for the ropes to pass through them. Sometimes when a ukulele's bone is too high it can make our Ukulele trash, the solution to this may be to file it, but you have to do it very carefully to make it look good.

4 Neck / Fingerboard

The long thin part of the Ukulele. In this part you place your fingers to make the chords. The length of the mast depends on the size of the ukulele, the soprano has a shorter mast than the concert, but there are ukuleles that change the size of the mast to make a Ukulele called Super Soprano or Long Neck in which, although the body of the Ukulele is Soprano size, the mast is one concert size.
ukulele soprano Mexico

5 Frets

Raised metal strips that separate the mast into parts. On the uke the frets are placed so that each one marks a semitone.

6 Strings

The strings of a Ukulele they can be of different materials, the most common are Nylon strings but there is also a material called Nylgut that is a material patented by the Aquila brand that simulates the gut.
The strings are traditionally tuned as follows: G (Sun) C (Do) E (Mi) A (La) and they are numbered from 1 to 4 being La the first string and Sun the fourth.
The thickness of the strings is different. according to the note in which it is refined, the thickest rope is that of Do and the thinnest is the rope of La. This happens because at the same tension, a string sounds more serious the greater the mass / length ratio.
That is why there are also special strings to tune the ukulele in Low G, since the Sun being a more serious octave requires a much thicker string to get that tone. If you want to know more about Low G click.
ukulele strings

7 Body

This is the sound box. The sound quality, resonance and beauty of the sound is found in the quality, material and construction of the sound box.
The material of which the body of the ukulele is made affects its sound directly as well as the size, so a concert size ukulele has a slightly deeper sound compared to a soprano and a tenor a deeper sound than a concert.
The shape of the ukulele can also affect its sound, a pineapple-shaped ukulele naturally has a slightly deeper sound than a traditional-shaped one.

8 Mouth

It is usually found high in the body, it is a hole with an approximate diameter of an inch and a half. Its function is to let out the sound of the soundboard or body.

9. Bridge

It is located near the base of the body.
There are 3 types of bridges. The tie bridge they are the most common, the ropes are passed under the bridge and tied to it, in the pin bridge the rope is fixed in a hole in the bridge by pieces called bridge pins and that slotted bridge which have a small groove where we pass the rope and make a knot at the end, being fixed.

Eira Mazón
Eira Mazón


Eira studied the degree of Audiovisual Communication and took a diploma in illustration at the Escena school. He was given a birthday gift Ukulele and since then he has not been able to release it. He is a big fan of Rebecca Sugar and the cartoons.

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August 11 2020

Is it normal for a ukulele box to be swollen? That is, the box is not flat but is more rounded on the back. I ask why I just got one and I don't know if it's normal or not

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