Learn ukulele quickly

by Alan Ruiz Zavala 30 September, 2019

Learn ukulele quickly

Make the most of your practice time.

We continue to find the best ways to learn more and better the tools that will make us great and better musicians to learn any task more quickly.

Focus on one thing

In this world full of notifications and exchange of information immediately it is difficult to keep our attention on a single task is difficult, for this we recommend you reduce the distracting factors to a minimum.
Spend a specific time and space to practice with your ukulele and avoid doing it while doing one or more things at the same time, in this way your brain will focus on fulfilling the task you are entrusting.

Remember that social networks and notifications are designed to capture our attention so if you are using an electronic device to learn or as a tool for your learning, remember to put it in airplane mode or if possible leave it outside the area where you will practice.
This will help keep your attention on one thing and not break your concentration every time you hear the sound of a new message.

Write what you learn

Set aside the keyboard, take pencil and paper and write the new knowledge that you are acquiring. Surely you've ever heard that handwriting helps us consolidate what we learn, and it's a science-backed statement.

According to scientists, tracing the letters on paper is a stronger cognitive bond than typing. An 2014 study found that students who take notes by hand remembered facts better, classified complex ideas better and synthesized information better. Therefore, writing is another scientific trick to learn faster.

Teach others what you are learning

An interesting trick to consolidate skills is to teach other people. When you use the concepts learned and describe them in your own words, In addition to mastering the idea you are deepening your knowledge of it.

If you master the subject it will be easy for you to teach it to someone else and if you do not succeed it will also be an indicator of which part was not so clear to you or which part is more difficult to explain.

transmitting knowledge is an extremely complex activity but it is very simple if you have full knowledge of what you want to teach.

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Alan Ruiz Zavala
Alan Ruiz Zavala


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