Tune your Ukulele without BREAKING THE ROPES

by Alan Ruiz Zavala January 18, 2020

Tune your Ukulele without BREAKING THE ROPES

La color scale, Also called dodecaphone scale, dodecaphonic o twelfth, en music is a scale o musical mode constituted by a succession of twelve sounds, heights o notes different within a octava, so that you understand it visually, it's like this little piano here.

It contains the twelve semitones from western temperate scale, (that is to say, are names to refer to the tuning system constructed by dividing the octave into twelve equal parts called).

And for you to understand it better right now you're a beginner ...

There are 12 notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si ... among them there are sharps and / or flats but now we will go to sharps. Do # Re #, Fa #, Sol #, La #, on this scale as we know it, there is no such as Mi # or B # although it does exist ... but then we will talk about it.

Do, Do #, Re, Re #, Mi, Fa, Fa #, Sun, Sun #, La, La #, Si, Do and Do # to be interpreted in the ANGLOSAJÓN ENCRYPTED system with letters

we will start from letter A in alphabetical order to letter G and our scale as we know it will start in "La" that is



B - Yes

C - Do

C # - Do #

D - Re

D # - Re #

E - My

F - Fa

F # - Fa #

G - Sun

G # - Sun #

This also helps you identify them and not call the notes and chords by letters, but understand and can interpret them, that is, if you see a D do not pronounce it as such and know that it is a "Re".

The tuning of the Ukulele is g4, C3, E2, A1. Remember that the most special features of a ukulele is its tuning, the strings on the sides are the sharpest compared to those in the center and that creates its so sweet sound and from there we will start ...

Alan Ruiz Zavala
Alan Ruiz Zavala


I love the ukulele and all its world

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