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We hope that the information published here will help you, and that your passion for the ukulele will nourish your life and fill you with joy, like many people who have made this instrument an icon in contemporary culture of the twentieth and twenty-first century, creating incredible music that has left its mark over time, UKULELERIA brings you a small part of the ukulele hall of fame, in order for you to discover new horizons.
Surf (Ka'au Crater Boys)
He is a Hawaiian music duet by the ukulele of Troy Fernandez and Ernie Cruz Jr. They recorded popular albums in Hawaii, and received 4 awards at the Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards, which means the distinguished and glorious stars of the recording arts academy from hawaii
  • Tropical Hawaiian Day(1991)
  • Valley style(1993)
  • On Fire(1995)
  • Making Waves(1996)
Eddie Veder
Ukulele Songs It is the second solo album of the Canadian Eddie Vedder, it was released on May 31 of 2011, all the songs of this album are accompanied by a Ukulele played by Vedder, it is cataloged within Folk Rock a very good album to disconnect from life Citadine

Sons of Hawaii

A representative group from Hawaii that was iconic since the decade of the 60s, at 1961 they released their debut album Gabby Pahinui with The Sons of Hawaii, merging rhythms like American Swing, Jazz and Latin rhythms, Gabby Pahinui on the Hawaiian guitar, Eddie Kamae on the ukulele, Joe Marshall bass, David 'Feet' Rogers electric guitar

James Hill
Another great interpreter of the ukulele born in 1980, this Canadian focused on the ukulele as a primary instrument and developed a method to introduce children to music through the Uku, in 2009 I collaborated with anne jannelle and created an album called true love dont weep with which they won the canadian folk music awards

Jake Shimabukuro
The Hawaiian ukulelist by excellence, born on November 3 in Honolulu is a virtuoso in the ukulele, and a great composer, his music combines Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Bluegrass, Classical, Folk, and Flamenco.
  • Sunday morning(2002)
  • Crosscurrent(2003)
  • Walking down rainhill(2004)
  • Dragon(2005).

George Harrison
He became one of the greatest fans of the Ukulele and in his posthumous album a lot of ukuleles are heard, here we see him with his friends enjoying a good afternoon

Paul Mc Cartney
This magnificent bassist, guitarist, singer, composer, in a few words a genius of music, could not stay with the desire to play this instrument, in this video he honors Harrison playing Something in the ukulele

Louise Veronica Ciccone
This Queen of pop, born Bay City, Michigan, United States, August 16 of 1958 known as Madonna, is an American singer-songwriter, actress and businesswoman. He spent his early years in Bay City and in 1977 he moved to New York City to pursue a contemporary dance career. After participating in two musical groups, Breakfast Club and Emmy, at 1982 he signed with Sire Records (a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Records) and released his debut album Madonna the next year. Today he shows us a bit of his ability playing this beautiful melody called "La Vie En Rose"

Alan Ruiz Zavala
Alan Ruiz Zavala


I love the ukulele and all its world

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