The ukulele removes stress

by Ceci Rosas January 25, 2016

The ukulele removes stress

Did you know that the ukulele is an instrument that helps you remove or reduce stress?

  • Because it is proven that it is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play
  • The sound of the Ukulele is cheerful, its vibration changes the mood unconsciously
  • It is a cheerful sound instrument

  • The ukulele only gives a sense of harmony and tranquility; unlike other instruments, played at different rates can give a certain feeling like accelerated, depressive, etc. But the Ukulele is an instrument that transmits, even if it is played quickly or very slowly; a feeling of peace, joy, harmony
  • It is considered worldwide as "an instrument of peace", President Obama gave a lecture to his Senate about it, recommending that they play the Ukulele for providing these benefits and named it as "the Ukulele is an instrument of Peace"
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  • Being easy to play (there are songs that are played with 2 or 3 different chords only) does not cause frustration, in addition to having only 4 strings which makes it easy for the arrangement of the fingers.
  • The strumming is very simple
  • Anyone can learn to play the Ukulele
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  • Touching even a few 10 or 15 minutes a day will provide you with focusing your attention on the present, feeling cheerful and you will really notice your change of mind and create a space, a personal environment full of harmony and tranquility.

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Ceci Rosas


2 Answers

Maria fernanda ararngo
Maria fernanda ararngo

December 12, 2016

Yesterday I played a ukulele for the first time and fell completely in love.
Now that I read this article I like it more.

Roberto Carranza
Roberto Carranza

May 18, 2016

This is very true, I already have 2 Ukuleles, one for my work and another to play in my house ..? ❤️

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