The easiest instrument: The Ukulele

by Ceci Rosas November 28, 2015

The easiest instrument: The Ukulele

Hello friends! Today we will talk about this very important topic: The Ukulele is a Peace instrument.

"If everyone touched Ukulele, the world would be different." At least this is what President Obama says, who gave Ukuleles in a conference to All members of Congress. But where was the president born to do this? He touches?

Rather, Obama was impressed when he attended the concert of Jake Shimabukuro (of the best Ukulelerists in the world) and realized that in reality the Ukulele is a magical instrument; that shares harmony, transports you to the here and now.

Why is it that the Ukulele can help Peace?

Well, will the sound be so cheerful? Its size? His design? What do your vibrations change our mood?

What I have read and I dare to share it as a truth is that: It makes you happy and also those around you.

The people who touch Ukulele They are generally happier than most.

Ah! And another fact that I found is that (and I am also proof of this): Playing Ukulele, particularly before bedtime, will help you sleep and have a better night.

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Ceci Rosas
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