7 Movies and Cartoons with Ukulele that you have to see this Children's Day

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara April 30

7 Movies and Cartoons with Ukulele that you have to see this Children's Day

What's up Ukuleleria friends!

Today again speaking from home in this quarantine, today we had to spend the children's day at home and I think that having a good time together with the children at home is the best way to spend this day!

I think and I hope that they agree with me that one of the things that I liked the most when I was younger was to enjoy my favorite movies and series of all life!

Today I bring you a list of movies and animated series in which our favorite instrument was part and without a doubt I recommend that you see with all the children in your house and with a ukulele in hand!

7 Animated Movies or Series in which the Ukulele made its appearance!

7) Trolls

A movie that is definitely worth seeing, when I saw it I thought it was childish and so but one day I dared to see it and I found it very good, everything revolves around music and a movie like that is definitely worth watching! and especially this scene

6) Minions

Okay I didn't think about this movie since I never remembered seeing a ukulele on the tape, but looking for some movies and scenes I realized what they say in this scene! I thought it was a guitar, but NO! it's a Super Mega Ukulele haha ​​look at this scene!

5) Hotel Transylvania

There is a scene in this movie that I find extremely cute and I have never noticed it until today! Count Dracula playing a ukulele when his daughter was younger! I find this scene very funny but it certainly seems like a great detail

4) The Princess and the Frog

I was always lousy to see princess movies and that style, but I think this movie is beautiful for all ages and it also takes a pretty cool turn, if you haven't noticed it here, the Ukulele player is the Naveen prince and I think that gives a great touch to the film

3) Lilo and Stitch

This movie is a classic of classics and without a doubt one of my favorites, it has a nice message, and it is also very funny and the best point is that it is located in an environment where our instrument of peace is famous Hawaii!

Without a doubt one of the best scenes and movies of all time, if you already saw it watch it again and tell us in how many scenes a ukulele comes out!

2) Steven Universe

We went to the animated series and ultimately my favorite is Steven universe, it has a hilarious, entertaining plot and not only that! The protagonist plays the Ukulele! Without a doubt if you want to have a good time this series will entertain both young and old!

1) Spongebob

We went to a cartoon which we all saw at all times on television, SpongeBob was undoubtedly an important part of my childhood, and how to forget this scene when he plays the bonfire song with his Ukulele!

What other movies do you know of where there are ukuleles in your plot? In short, this list is highly recommended to have a good time this children's day and every day to have a good time, congratulate all the children in my house and I hope you like this list!

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Marco Mendoza @ marcomendoza1130

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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