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We have heard that many people expect to hear the potential of the Ukulele going beyond circles of four chords and of course it exists.

Many others do not fully know the Ukulele history, where does it come from, and many other things like who gave that momentum and color to what is today our favorite instrument

We present to you, five true icons of the Ukulele.

I don't know if my favorite is three or five.

Let's start this list with perhaps the most recent and still won the deep admiration of many ukulelists.

1.-Jake Shimabukuro

Debuting worldwide in the video on YouTube performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by QUEEN.

Jake Shimabukuro (Honolulu, Hawaii'i) had the first encounter with this instrument practically since he was born. At four years of age, he asked his mother to teach him to play and he, between nerves and emotion, learned to strum and his first chords. This would be the beginning of Shimabukuro's promising career that went from having a video saved on his camera (Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro) where a friend of his uploaded it to YouTube (without knowing himself that this platform exited) to go through various recording studios as a soloist until he came to touch Queen Elizabeth!

Today is an icon to show us the formidable way to play the Ukulele and is also a giant inspiration since much of what he knows he learned on his own.

Learn more about Jake.

Continuing with this list ...

2.-Cliff Edwards - UKULELE IKE

Does it sound? "What I never saw or hope to see, an elephant fly."

Did you hear Pepito Grillo's voice in pinocchio (United States)?

In Dumbo and Pinocchio (United States version) Cliff Edwards was the one who gave rise to two important songs and as mentioned above to the voice of cricket pepito.

Also known for all the participation he had in important films such as "Music is magic", "gone With the Wind y His Girl Friday."

The nice way he played, sang and of course acted is what positions him as another icon.

Thanks to all these talents it was like "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" discovered it.

He debuted acting and performing "Singing in the rain"

And the talent he had playing was the selvedge to work with Warner Bros, RKO Pictures and clearly Walt Disney.


What a great Ukulele character.

This was perhaps the first great sel last century.

"The magician of the strings" Thus he was nicknamed for his ineffable talent when playing Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar.

One more inspiration to the list do you wonder besides this talent, how did it stand out?

Leroy, he wasn't the best singing but his passion didn't stop him with that. This had to create an incredible show, making dances, faces and funny noises to attract and go that many caught.

He also adopted the sound of harmonica and kazoo, which are very good accompaniments for instruments as fun as Banjo and Ukulele.

He recorded for some producing houses, he was even a writer of methods to play the instruments he already had in a drawer. He invented the Vita-Uke!

And his song "12th Street Rad " there was a great place in a cartoon that surely you know well but we are going there ...

Stop a moment to listen!


He was an American radio and television announcer, artist and actor.

Before being all that was, Godfrey enlisted in the United States Navy!

Actually Arthur has many more fame for the part where he was on the radio and the close identification of many sponsors, such as Cigarettes and Tea, both brands very famous.

What does it have to do with the Ukulele?

There is not much information about his musical career but what we can tell you that he gave us is that with that voice of an announcer, we have his so nice "Ukulele Style"

Do you like it?

It is super cool to learn more about this little one that makes us very happy and already finished the list for today, we will end with a very big one that is sure to sound as soon as you hear it ...

5.-Tiny Tim

The most played song you will have of him, is the one that appears very often in the first seasons of SpongeBob, "Living in the Sunlight".

A professional Vibrato / Falsete from Herbert Khaury, New York .. It was also known as "Larry Love" or "The Human Canary." Surely you can imagine why, jiji.

It is called "Tiny Tim", inspired by "The Christmas Tale" by Charles.

His first album was a success. Famous also for his charisma and his height of almost two meters, the fun way he dressed made Tiny take another turn to the Ukulele and vibrato at the end of the 60's and beginning of the 70's.

His success did not last long, it was in his second album when everything fell apart. People heard something else and invited him to programs to make fun of him :( and so much was the case that he was an actor in a horror movie where he was a clown who played the Ukulele.

But hey, Tiny leaves us a lot of love in that song and we can continue investigating him.

You like me?

And there is still a little more to show.

Leave us a message somewhere that you think and if you would like a second part.

Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


More than a corn lover. Hair by hair. @Ukulelesh worldwide. Googleame

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