5 Things Your Ukulele Can Do and You Are Quarantined

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara April 06

5 Things Your Ukulele Can Do and You Are Quarantined

La pandemic continues in Mexico and some other countries and with it the quarantine is getting longer and we are all locked in our houses for more and more time

I didn't want to waste my time and I wanted to be in "My ukulele and me" mode. I have been playing ukulele for some years now and it never ceases to amaze me, it is an easy and fast instrument to play, but every time I find more songs that I want to learn some easy, some difficult. So I was analyzing what I could do these days with my ukulele and it occurred to me ...

5 What can my ukulele and I do in this Quarantine

I am already aware of some of these things and I would like to do some other things that can be fun and you will not regret ...

Make video calls with your friends

Call your friends, believe me it is very fun to do it, if they play put together a good cover by video call and if they do not play one, it is always good to sing among all, it is an experience that I did not think I did and it was most fun and spontaneous.

Release new songs

As I said, I will never tire of releasing new songs of the genre, there are very easy songs and others very difficult, but the practice makes the ukulelist, and releasing a song that has not been heard in ukulele before is a unique feeling that It creates great satisfaction and entertains us for a very good time.

Give your ukulele a new look

Many people start to give themselves new looks in this quarantine and your ukulele should be on par with you! It is always good to give your own unique style to your ukulele ranging from putting some stickers or even painting it, of course I will do it with acrylic paint in case I want to give it a different style later.

Learn how to make new strumming or plucking

I had a good time with my ukulele and yet it never gave me the opportunity to learn some great plucking or more unusual strumming, there are simple or some more complicated song plucking that sounds fantastic, and it has taken out very few super simple but seriously cool to get some plucking of some more laborious song.

Teach someone at home to play

There is no better time than to spend it with the family, and now that we are all locked up there is no better opportunity to take advantage of it together, take advantage and be encouraged to teach what you know to your brothers or your parents, recently involving my mom in the world of ukulele and she loved it so much that recently on her birthday she gave her her first ukulele!

Dare to build your makeshift band with your family!

What else have you and your ukulele done at home in this quarantine?

Did you read this whole blog and don't have a ukulele? Buy yours now before quarantine is over! Enjoy! 🤯


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Marco Mendoza @ marcomendoza1130

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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