4 steps to BUY ONLINE with the Ukuleleria.

by Mariana Valdez April 27

4 steps to BUY ONLINE with the Ukuleleria.

Hi there! Surely you already took a look at several ukuleles and you would love to have them right?
I share 4 easy steps to buy it on our page, reminding you that we ship to all of Mexico for FREE! during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Before you start with these steps, make sure you receive all the information you need about your new ukulele. The team will give you advice and can guide you in your purchase, do not hesitate to write to us on WhatsApp or social networks.

Yes now! ready?


1. Once you are inside the page and you have chosen your ukulele, you will see the "ADD TO CART" button. select option.
2. You can immediately fill in your details, where we will send your ukulele (to the door of your house)
Write your email and personal information, and continue selecting the box "CONTINUE WITH SHIPMENTS"
3. Now, you will see a section where you will choose your type of shipping
(we are making fast shipments by FedEx)
choose an option and give "CONTINUE PAYMENT"
TALL! I have a gift for you, use the following code to make this shipment free: ENVIOMARIANA.
4. READY! "FINISH THE ORDER" we only have to pay, using the payment method that is most comfortable for you:
  • Paypal
  • transfer
  • card payment
  • Oxxo


(our tradition every time someone releases ukulele in stores)
And now you just need to wait for your beautiful and new ukulele, which will arrive in 2 to 5 business days at your home. :)

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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