4 places with cheaper ukuleles.

by Mariana Valdez 16 September, 2020

4 places with cheaper ukuleles.

Where to buy cheap ukuleles?

Aloha Ukulelista!
Today I am going to give you some recommendations that I hope will help you to find your next ukulele.

To answer this question, I did a research online, to find out where I found the cheapest ukulele.

and well, discarding all the toy ukuleles and with descriptions such as key rings, miniatures ... etc etc. my first recommendation comes out.


Because surely you will be surprised that it is a toy, or it is not a real instrument, or it is an accessory.

Here are 4 options with cheap ukuleles:

Free market
In my search for free market, I found ukuleles from $ 490.00 + shipping made of wood, from a not very well known brand.

read well about the seller and that the ukulele is new.

Well, there are a variety of brands here, the cheapest ukulele you can find goes for $ 600 pesos + shipping. On these prices you will see not very well known brands and from what I could see in photos they are plastic ukuleles.

read well about the seller and that the ukulele is new.

Music stores downtown
In most cities there are music houses, instrument stores where you will find all kinds of instruments, you will find ukuleles from $ 800.00 of different brands and characteristics.


Yes! It also enters the option, with a new line of 2 major ukulele brands, Amahi and the economic line of KALA.
You can find ukuleles starting at $ 980 with free shipping, wood and hybrids.
Also your ukulele comes out with UKULELERIA GUARANTEE.

In any of the places you want to buy your ukulele, seek the advice of an expert to solve your doubts, and ask a lot! everything !! stay satisfied with your purchase.
and the most important ENJOY YOUR UKULELE!

IMPORTANT; It is necessary to take into account and know that cheap ukuleles tend to have lower quality (often not) so take into account many factors and if you can find a better quality ukulele do not think twice.

Maybe this cheap ukulele will help you find out if you like it, if you catch the wave, or even for a gift. ;)

If you need more help choosing a ukulele read this blog: https://ukuleleria.com/blogs/blog-ukuleleria/cual-es-el-mejor-ukulele-para-mi

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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