3 Things to Check on a Ukulele

by Mariana Valdez 15 September, 2020

3 Things to Check on a Ukulele

How do I know if my ukulele is of good quality?

Aloha! If you are about to buy a ukulele, we want to give you a TIP or several rather, so that you can check the ukulele you buy.
It is important not to leave just because of how beautiful it looks, if you do not delve into some details that will make it have better sound, longer life, etc. etc.

In the same way, if you already have a ukulele, take a look! to these details, to know more about your ukulele and to know it in detail.

3 things you should check on your ukulele to see if it is of good quality:

This list is not in order of importance

1. Brand

Yes, we have said it many times and it is really an important point.
Some time ago speaking with a client, I comment this same ...
"I want a ukulele from a brand that is a specialist"

And I will give you this example, when you buy a television, you try to be with the brand that manufactures televisions, surely you have seen many televisions of the same brand as appliances.
And my example is, not that other brands are bad, but you can be sure that a brand that is exclusively dedicated to certain products HE KNOWS WHAT HE DOES!

2. Armed / ukulele parts

Okay! this without having to inspect then then comes out to look great.
but I would like you to review in detail the materials of the ukulele parts such as:

Pegs, fingerboard, bridge and strings.

NOTE: the recommendation is for it to be of better quality, it does not mean that if it does not comply with it, you have a useless ukulele. No! these kinds of things add up to it.

The pegs generally they should be made of steel, especially look at the "nuts" on the front, on the mast. Many ukuleles have them made of plastic.
Some steel will make them break for anything in the future. (wear, falls ...)

El diapason I have seen different types of wood and some versions of plastic, and I return to the same, if it is wood much better.

El bridge, They even exist in different ways, to my liking the most classic is one of the best and most resistant.
I have seen cases of BRIDGES TAKEN OFF! so we don't want this.

y strings now if different brands of ukuleles match the same factory strings: Brand Aquila, nylon strings that give a super beautiful sound.

3.The type of material / wood.

It's easy to check the wooden details of the ukulele with the naked eye, but have you peeked through the mouth of those? Do it!

right at the edges you will notice the division of the woods, another aspect is that the wood inside the soundboard is the same color tone as the wood that claims to be our ukulele.

These fake wood coverings make our ukulele not sound good or not heard with an adequate volume since they are covering the main pores of the instrument.

with this you are already one level up! and you will know how to evaluate if that ukulele you have is of a very good quality.

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Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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