10 Reasons to play the Ukulele this 2020!

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara January 27, 2020

10 Reasons to play the Ukulele this 2020!

Many people are anxious to have an ukulele but they do not dare because they believe it is very difficult or only locked in the rhythms of their native Hawaii, but it is not so, the ukulele is an instrument like any other, and as I know you are one of those undecided people like me today I will give you 10 reasons to play a ukulele and be part of this beautiful community.

1.- It is super easy to learn to play

Playing the ukulele of is one of the simplest things in the world is like a door to the world of music because with only 3 chords you can already play your first song.

2.- You can take it everywhere

The ukulele is so small that you can put it in a backpack and it does not hinder you a bit, so it is the ideal instrument for travelers

3.- It is very versatile

The ukulele is judged by its sharp tuning, but just like any other genres such as reggae, rock, pop, mariachi, etc. can be played

4.- You will make many friends and be part of a fantastic community

Like any instrument, it does not go unnoticed when you cut it and more because of its particular size, in addition to the fact that this beautiful instrument already has a large community which is faithful and very pleasant, do not doubt that you will always find a new ukulele-loving page

5.- It is very accessible

With a short budget you can already make a good ukulele of very good quality.
There are many types of materials including Wood and Plastic, there are ukuleles that you can buy that are plastic and you will not spend much that also have great advantages such as being able to wet and transport without fear of something happening on a trip.

Or also the good combination of both materials

6.- It is ideal for children

Over time we have noticed that the ukulele is very easy for children and fascinates them, it is a great opportunity for them to learn an instrument and connect with music.

"Give your child, who will be an adult, the benefit of playing the Ukulele, which, by learning at this age, will carry him in his heart and, most likely, ALL LIFE, opening the door to the world of music, giving him the opportunity to discover his gift. "

7.- It is an excellent hobby

"It relaxes you out of the world for a few minutes and it restarts your life."

Did you know that the ukulele is an instrument that helps you remove or reduce stress?

  • Because it is proven that it is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play
  • The sound of the Ukulele is cheerful, its vibration changes the mood unconsciously
  • It is a cheerful sound instrument

8.- Concerts with a Ukulele?

It is small but powerful, the ukulele is an instrument that can be both melancholic and cheerful, so many artists have chosen to integrate one into their music.

9.- There are several types of ukulele

Types, sizes, materials and designs, you can find thousands of models and you can choose the one that best suits you and your personality.

10.- Will make you immensely happy

We have checked it thousands of times and that is why we dedicate ourselves to this, what most fills us is to see people who love the ukulele as soon as they take it in their hands.

Music generates serotonin. They have shown that listening and performing music generates serotonin, a hormone responsible for happiness.

There is no doubt, the ukulele makes us happier. Recently they demonstrated, through music therapy in patients with Alzheimer's disease, that specific songs revive memories.

Put a ukulele in your life.

  • Do you still have doubts? Write us!

Marlene Carlos @ mizo.tzk

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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